Perfectly Good Reasons to Get a Pooch

There aren’t many parents who don’t, at some point, have their kids ask them if they can have a dog. There are some families that won’t ever be suitable to bring a dog into, for reasons ranging from allergies to lack of time. However, some parents shouldn’t be so quick to say no, especially if you secretly would like a dog yourself. There are some excellent reasons to bring a dog into your family, whether it’s a huge hound or a tiny terrier. Although the individual reasons aren’t necessarily enough on their own, several of them together can make a compelling argument.

Teach Your Child Compassion and Responsibility

Owning any pet is excellent for teaching your child a number of lessons. A dog needs to be cared for every day, from feeding and walking to going to see the vet. If your child is asking for a dog, you should make it clear to them that they have to help take care of it. It’s a good way for them to learn about how to put someone else first and how to feel empathy toward other living things. You can give your child tasks to do, like feeding the dog in the morning or grooming them once a week.

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Protect Your Family

If you’re thinking about how to protect your home and family, getting a dog is one option. There are several breeds that make the best guard dogs for a variety of reasons. Guard dogs don’t necessarily attack anyone, but they can ward strangers off by barking or simply being an intimidating presence. Guard dogs can help to protect your family, but the right breeds will be faithful to you and nothing but loving. However, wanting to protect your home isn’t ideal as the primary motivation for getting a dog. It’s a benefit, but you should have other reasons too.

Make Your Family Fitter

Adding a dog to your family is a great way to encourage everyone to get outside more and to be fitter. Some dogs need more exercise than others, but almost all of them need at least one daily walk. The only dogs that don’t need regular exercise are the old and infirm. Even those that are low-energy still need to get outside. If you want a dog to come on outdoor adventures with you, make sure you choose wisely. Some dogs might need exercise, but they’re still reluctant to go on a 10-mile hike.

Add a Faithful Companion to Your Family

Of course, the main motivation for many people to bring a dog into their family is because they want a furry friend to love. A dog really does become a member of your family, and you can get attached to them pretty quickly. That’s why it’s so important to consider whether your family is ready for the commitment of looking after a dog. Dogs are ready to love you forever, so you need to be able to do the same in return.

Make sure you’ve got some solid reasons for getting a dog. They might be cute, but there are lots of other things to consider.

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