Nintendo 3DS CitySlicker Case Review

Nintendo DS City Slicker Case

As you may be well aware, I am a gamer! I love to game and I have so many consoles. The funny thing is I only have one handheld. I got one for Christmas and then of course my daughter dubbed it hers, so I hardly ever see the thing! Though when I do get to play it, I love it! The 3ds is amazing, and so it deserves a great carrying case!

WaterField Designs is a great company and they have bags for everything. From laptops, Cameras, Tablets and even a PSP or 3DS. They are quality made and are from my neck of the woods, San Francisco! So of course I was excited to receive the Nintendo 3DS CitySlicker case! I also loved the colors, Kiwi & Black. It is quality made!

I have never seen a case like this and I love it. I feel when I put my 3DS inside that it is protected from scratches and for me that is great, I am not the most graceful of people. It has two snaps in the front and when you open it there are 3 slots for the games and then where you would slip in the 3DS. Now if you stick your hand in there, it is so soft! Heck I want to have a blanket made of the stuff. When you turn it over it has a zippered area in the back perfect for a couple more games and your ear buds! If you are traveling for a distance it even has room in there for your charger.

I love it and could not imagine using anything else for my coveted 3DS, that I indeed hardly get to see!



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