Nickelodeon Dance 2 Review

Nickelodeon Dance 2

I have had so much bad luck with Kinect games and children that I was weary when trying this one out. Honestly it was not that bad at all. Very user friendly for kids, which I was completely astounded. Typically when setting up a game the parents have to get the kids where they need to be and then let them have at it. This was completely different I popped it in and the kids were good to go.

Nickelodeon Dance 2

 Nickelodeon Dance 2 is published by 2K Play and developed by High Voltage Software. I mostly observed while doing this review, but decided to jump in as well. It was quiet entertaining, but what I really was interested in was seeing how the kids struggled with the game, or didn’t. Kids were great with it, it caught all their movements and it was just easy. Lots of laughing and moving. I think that is my biggest love about the Kinect is that it gets kids and lazy adults moving!

The kids got to dance along to some of their favorite theme songs and other songs. They were singing along and just having a blast! I think it is great to find games that aim towards kids that gets them moving and really enjoying themselves. That is what gaming is all about! I think it is fun even for the kids to jump in or just watch their little ones have fun.

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