Neglected Basement? Not With These Great Ideas!

Basement Haven

Basements can be the damp, dark, and derelict part of the house where Steve the ghost lives. Or it can be a haven for fun for everyone. The basement is one of the most neglected rooms in the house, yet it can be so easily transformed into something fabulous!

If there’s structural damage, because of damp or bugs, then that’s the first thing that needs to be sorted out and by a professional. But even if you’re not planning on doing up your basement – those are things you should be sorting out anyway for the safety of your house and the health of your family. If you are looking to transform the space, then look into companies like Outer Banks Renovations for ideas, prices, and quality work. You don’t want to end up on cowboy builders.

Cinema Room

Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Paint one wall white, install some surround sound speakers and just connect your phone, tablet or laptop to your own home projector. You can get a decent projector from Amazon for anywhere between $40 and $100. Then all you need is seating – old armchairs or couches will do the trick. Or you can just pick up a load of giant bean bags and settle back and enjoy your movie night. Amp it up with a popcorn maker, mini fridge stocked with drinks and snacks, and everyone is ready for a night at the movies without having to miss anything if you need to pee.

Games Room

With most households containing at least one console, it might not be a stretch to say your house has one too. And if so, why not create a games room in the basement? You could always double it up as your cinema room. Having a space like this would mean the console is out of your lounge, and you teenager or partner (or you if you’re the game addict) is out of their bedroom. If can also be a great place for when their friends come over to play.


Like a modern That 70s Show – why not create a den downstairs? Perfect for hanging out with friends. And not just for your kids, you and your friends can enjoy it too. Have ladies night, or lads night, have some drinks and eat some lovely food. It means that you’ll always have a place to go and have some you time.


If you have younger kids, a playroom is a perfect renovation idea for your basement. Create a storage space on one wall to keep the place tidy, and then get creative. Paint one wall with chalk paint so that they can let their artistic flair shine through. Have a permanent Scalextric or train set in the room. This space also allows you to keep the house toy free – no more stepping over a carefully erected city or school room in the middle of the kitchen, or relaxing into a mound of teddies at the end of the day.

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