Do You Need A Spare Mobile Phone?

Owning two mobile phones may seem like the height of decadence but are there some sound, practical reasons why you should have one. As the global smartphone ownership rate rises beyond 2 billion, they are no longer considered a luxury item and the number of people who do not have one is reducing all the time. The number of people who have two is also rapidly rising. The idea is not actually as ridiculous at it first sounds. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting two phones yourself.

Separating work and play

Most jobs require you to have a mobile phone and this is not just for making and receiving phone calls. You may need to access emails and upload data to portals. You also need your phone to keep in contact with your friends and family and post on social media in your spare time. Do you want the two things combined? Are you fed up of being bothered by work emails when you are on holiday or at the weekend?

When you own two phones, you can ‘turn off’ literally after a hectic day at the office by turning off your work phone and turning on your private one. This can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance that will aid your mental health.

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Privacy and security

There may be some things on your work mobile phone that you would rather your boss did not see. Yet, there may be valid reasons why the IT department at work needs access to your mobile phone. By having two handsets, you can retain your privacy.

It is easy to lose a mobile phone. If you lose your work phone it is always useful to have a back-up in case you need it in an emergency.

A spare for social situations

It can be very useful for teens in particular to have a spare phone that they can take to situations where they are most likely to lose it! Teens typically lose their phones in theme parks, at parties, and in the park. If you have just given them a brand-new iPhone, you are going to be far from pleased when they arrive home without it. The best plan is to keep hold of their old handset and then go to get a SIM that they can use in it. That way, you can still keep in touch with them to make sure that they are safe but you do not have to worry that a very expensive phone will go missing at a wild party.

Frequent traveller

If you travel abroad frequently, there may be carriers that offer you a better roaming deal. However, this may not be the best deal for everyday use in the UK. Also, the carrier may not have great coverage in rural areas in the UK. If you have two phones supplied by different carriers you are able to get the best of both worlds and save yourself some money.

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