My Snuggle Bunny Gift Set with Placemat From I See Me!

Easter is right around the corner and I have found the perfect thing for any little one! My Snuggle Bunny Book, Bunny and Placemat Gift Set from I See Me! Kids love getting personalized gifts, such as books and other items. Especially if their name is hard to find in stores, and I See Me brings that to each kid. No matter the name or spelling, the children in your life can have personalized gifts for any holiday or just because. It is one reason I really love I See Me so much. My children can not always find their name on things or in things, specifically my youngest because of the spelling of her name. Nothing is more heartwarming then giving them a gift that has their name on it, and the sparkle in their eyes.


The Snuggle Bunny book is 20 pages long and has been completely personalized with the name you want. The name is you choose is not only on the cover, but it is also in some of the pictures in the book. I feel it makes it even more unique and has an extra special feel to it. It really makes a child excited to not only read their name in a story, but to see it in picture form as well. Snuggle Bunny is written by Maia Haag, an award-winning author, and Illustrated by John Butler. Both did a spectacular job on creating this beautiful masterpiece about the many ways Snuggle Bunny loves the child throughout the day.

The Snuggle Bunny Plush makes for a perfect addition to be paired with this book. Not only do they have the book to read with their personalized name in it, but a physical Snuggle Bunny they can snuggle, while reading this book. It is the perfect size for snuggling in tiny arms. It is soft with floppy ears and a cute pink nose. I tell my daughter all the time she is my Snuggle Bug, so hearing a Snuggle Bunny loved her provided for laughter and big smiles.

Eating her meals on her personalized Snuggle Bunny Placemat makes her enjoy dinner even more. If I forget to place it down before I put dinner down. I am quick to know about it. It is made with high quality, durable plastic. It is not flimsy and incredibly easy to wipe clean when I am cleaning the dinner table up. Any mishaps she has at dinner are fixed up with a quick wipe of a cloth. Do not put this in the dishwasher, running it under the tap with work just fine if the mess is out of control.

This gift set makes a great gift for over Easter or including it in the Easter Basket if you have the Easter Bunny come to your home. This also makes a thoughtful “Just Because” gift as well. My children love everything they get from I See Me. It makes them feel extra special seeing their names in books or on items. Nothing like getting a warm fuzzy feeling, because you made someone else feel very special.


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12 Responses

  1. Avatar Natalie says:

    This is adorable! It sure would make a perfect gift for Easter. I mean, who can resist a cute little bunny?

  2. Avatar adriana says:

    This sounds like such a cute book! I definitely need to get this for my niece. She would love this!!

  3. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    It would be so nice to give the kids customized story books. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it and they’re going to love reading more. This is so adorable!

  4. Avatar MarciaF says:

    My 4 year old loved having a personalized book so now it’s turn for his little sister to have one. This would make a wonderful gift.
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  5. Avatar Kelly Reci says:

    thats a very interesting book! im sure my daughter will love this book!! its soo cute!

  6. Avatar love you wedding says:

    In this heartwarming personalized storybook, your child will hear all the ways that Snuggle Bunny loves him or her throughout the day.

  7. Avatar travel blogger says:

    What a great idea! This is so cute! I love personalized gifts like this, and I think my son would love this for Easter.

  8. Avatar Rosey says:

    Such a cute set. It’s absolutely perfect for Easter.

  9. Avatar Maria says:

    I loved personalized books when my babies were little! They loved hearing their own name in the story.

  10. Awww so cute, looks great for a toddler as a confort toy 🙂

  11. Really helpful post, Thanks

  12. Avatar krystal says:

    a very sweet idea for spring especially! hope everyone has a great easter!

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