Moving Back on Base

I have spent all month packing and cleaning and preparing for us to move back on base. We have lived in California for about 6 years now, and the place we currently live in was supposed to be till we got orders. Sadly my husband’s career field and the first base we got sent to does not like to move people, so here we have sat.

We were lucky enough to get a nice place on base and we had to wait a month for it, and that was nearly torture! Gave me some time to pack and get us prepared for the move. As much as I did, I do not think we are fully prepared! Luckily we were able to get movers to move us on base! So whatever I did not do, they get to…. they are paid to do it!

We get our keys in a few hours and I am so stinking excited! I can not wait to decorate it and make us a home. We will bring our baby home for the first time to that house and I am looking forward to it! My little princess will become a big sister in that house as well. Mind you she is already a proud big sister!

Once we get the keys we will start moving some things my husband does not trust the movers with, I imagine he will have half the house moved before the movers come in the morning… 🙂 He is lucky I love him!



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