Mom’s, Shrink The Hassle Of Gift Giving For Teenagers

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While most people really enjoy selecting thoughtful gifts for their nearest and dearest, there is one group of people that always seem the hardest to please. Yes, that’s right teenagers can be so difficult to buy for as there is always that risk that you are buying them something too childish, too boring, or and this is truly the most serious crime, the wrong version of something! Happily, though, there is a way that you can reduce this hassle, and it’s by reading the gift guide advice below.


Get them something personalized

Tap into the power of mass customization for the first gift strategy and get your teenager something that is personalized just for them. In fact, personalized items with either initials, names, photographs, or even selected text relating to the receipt are all the rage and fairly simple to track down.

Of course, the trick is that you have to pick something that is cool, as well as personalized so consider a Custom Envy design your own phone case, or an awesome snow globe with their very own picture inside. Alternatively, why not select a piece of jewelry that you can have a name or message engraved on. Something that they can keep as they grow up.


Get them something from their favorite fandom

With so many fandoms out there purchasing something super nerdy from the right one is bound to give your teenagers the wow factor this festive season.

Great suggestions that will make any teenager grin are vinyl figure called like Pops that come in all sorts of characters from Ironman, to Khalessi, to Harly Quinn. You can also get custom Lego mini figures in just about any character you can imagine, and if you put the name of their fandom into onsite auction platforms, hundreds of suggestions will come up for you to choose from.


Get them a gadget

Digital gadgets are always a popular gift for the teenager in your life. Largely, because their much of their world is now online, more so than any other generation, so they actually need these items for day to day life.

The top three gadgets are smartphones, tablets and laptops. Although they are probably the most expensive as well. If you are looking for a techy wow gift that is a little cheaper then go with something like an Amazon Echo Dot, or a decent pair of headphones, both items that can be purchased at around the $50 mark.


Get them clothes

Last, of all, a good choice for the fashion conscious teenager in your household is clothing and footwear. However, this suggestion does come with a health warning!

The warning is that you should only buy clothes that you have run by them first, and never, under any circumstances choose them off your own back. Why? Well, because even if you are the most on-trend person ever, teenagers can be funny about this sort of thing and take a dislike to the item just because you have chosen it. Something that means it’s best to avoid all the hassle in the first place and just ask them what clothing items they want.

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