A Mom’s Guide To Powering Through The Morning

If you’re a mother, the mornings are probably one of the hardest parts of the day, second only to that chaotic hour later in the day that comprises bathtime and bedtime. Getting yourself and your kids ready for the day can be one of the hardest things that you’ll do. Here are some tips to make it a little easier on yourself.

Use The Evenings To Get Ready

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First of all, it’s time to start utilising your evenings to make your mornings a little easier. It’s tempting to collapse on the couch with a glass of wine and some chocolate and a Friday Night Lights marathon in the evenings, but if you take just half an hour to prepare for the next day it’ll make your life a whole lot more simple. First of all, if your kids take packed lunches to school then you can prepare them the night before – you could even use some leftovers from dinner, like pieces of chicken and cold pasta bake. Secondly, get your clothes out the night before – it’ll be so much easier to just slip into some jeans and a shirt that you have out and ready than it would be to attempt to find clothes that match in that early morning haze.

Find A Routine

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It’s important that you find a routine in the mornings and that you stick to it rigorously. You need to ensure that your kids know what to expect first thing in the morning – if they know they need to be up with their teeth brushed by a certain time and you enforce this rule carefully, they’ll get into the habit of doing it themselves. Make sure that you don’t micro manage your kids – trust them to get their shoes and socks on by themselves and encourage them to take some responsibility for themselves. If you don’t start to trust them to get themselves out of bed and ready for school, it’s going to get increasingly harder as they get older – sometimes you have to let your kids make their own mistakes in order for them to learn in the future.

Make An Effort With Breakfast

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If your kids aren’t particularly good at eating breakfast, now is the time to change that. A lot of the time, the same breakfast every day might get a little boring – so why not try changing it up a little? You don’t have to start making pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse every morning (although let’s face it: pancakes on Friday mornings is a great idea to celebrate the end of the working week, and something that you’ll all look forward to), and breakfast doesn’t have to be too long or complicated to make. If you have kids who are very resistant to the idea of breakfast – and who can blame them? It’s very early in the morning – then you could always go for smoothies or juices instead. If you don’t know how to go about making them (and homemade is always better than store bought) then you could buy a blender or a juicer – there’s a solid review of the Super Angel juicer here if you’re not sure what brand to go for. If your kids love cereal then you could start scattering it with fresh berries for some added nutrients, and if they love toast then why not go for a different topping every day? Smashed avocado, scrambled eggs, tinned tomatoes, peanut butter and apple slices, crushed banana and strips of turkey bacon are all extremely popular choices.

Get Yourself Ready

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Some mornings it can be tempting to show up at the school gate wearing your favorite slippers and bathrobe before slinking off back home to bed again, but unfortunately that probably isn’t the best idea. Instead, as we already said, try leaving your clothes out the night before. A pair of slim fit jeans and a simple Breton striped tee is a comfortable and effortlessly chic outfit – add a pair of ankle boots to complete the look. If you haven’t had time to shower and your hair’s looking a little worse for wear, try scooping it up into a messy bun if it’s long. If it’s too short for that, bend over and spray the roots of your hair with dry shampoo to remove any oiliness and add a little volume. If you want to go for makeup first thing in the morning, all you really need is some BB cream, a quick swipe of mascara and a slick of lip balm to look fresh faced and ready to take on the day.


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