Moms, Don’t Waste Your Spare Time

As a mom, you probably have very little spare time. Either, you’re getting the kids ready for school, preparing for when they come home from school or finding things to keep them entertained when they’re not in school. That’s why you need to find ways to make the most of your spare time, rather than wasting it. For instance, it’s so easy to find that you have a couple of hours free to accidentally waste it binge watching the latest series Netflix has to offer. Or perhaps, powering through your latest video game. But there are ways to stay productive and since we mentioned video games, let’s start there.

Get More From your Games

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What do you usually get when you win at a game? Usually, you might get some form of virtual reward but what about a real reward for your efforts? There are games that if you win, you can make money and an example of this would be the Foxy Bingo app that you can get on your phone. If you’re interested in what people are saying about Foxy Bingo, you should definitely check out the reviews online. The key piece of information you might find interesting though is that it allows you to make money while you’re staring at your phone. That in itself is pretty darn cool.

Get Blogging

Why not start a blog in your spare time? I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that a) you don’t have time and b) it’s not really that productive at all. Well, you do have time because it can take roughly half an hour to squeeze out a five hundred word post. And, if that’s all it takes, you should be able to fit in at least once a day, and that’s really all you need to keep a blog active. As for being productive, blogging can be very rewarding. I often use mine as a form of therapy to deal with issues affecting me in my life and an outlet for my emotions. But there’s also the financial possibilities. Once you start a blog, it is possible to work towards a level of profitability. Don’t forget a lot of bloggers earn an average income just by keeping their site active.

List Your Goals

You may also want to think about listing some goals on your phone or tablet. That way, you can make sure that you tick them off in your spare time and make sure you do get things done. Nothing is more annoying than discovering you’ve wasted all your spare time doing something that doesn’t help you or improve your life at all and it’s so easy. Five hours later you might roll off the sofa and realize that the trip to middle earth just wasn’t worth it.

Keep A Fitness Routine

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Finally, there are two reasons to use your spare time to stay fit and in shape. First, staying fit will improve your body and your health, ensuring that you can stay active. Ultimately, that’s just going to lead to a far better quality of life. Second, fitness has also been linked with cognitive performance. So, if you want to make sure you are ready to handle the challenges of life make sure you’re squeezing in that hour of yoga each day.

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