Metro: Last Light Review [PS3]

Metro: Last Light

When I started up Metro: Last Light I was blown away by the grittiness of it. I loved the graphics and the detail in all parts of the game. The cut scenes were great and I loved walking around and hearing full conversations. It made me really see the way the world was and sucked me into the story. The developers 4A Games and the Publishers Deep Silver did an amazing job on this game.

Talking about the story, I simply loved it. It has been sometime since I had a game fully suck me into the story and really felt as if I was there, even if I was playing a different gender than myself. The voice acting was well done and I really enjoyed hearing the banter and seeing interactions done by the NPCs.

Metro: Last Light

Picking out my weapons and getting to see how they worked was a lot of fun. The game play was unlike what I expected and I loved the way you can stealth about to get objectives done and even including twisting light bulbs and blowing out lamps in order to not be seen. Many different dynamics to the game.

You can choose to not be stealthy and fight your way out, but I found it to be more rewarding to be able to sneak around and the one hit kills were pretty interesting, though you can choose to knock them out instead. The enemies were greatly done and I loved the way that sometimes there was a different way in which they needed to be killed like with flashlights! It made an interesting dynamic to the gameplay.

I found Metro: Last Light to be a fantastic FPS RPG! I can not wait to play it again!

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