Make a Flirtini with Pearl Vodka for Valentine’s Day!

Over Valentine’s Day I love to try out new drinks. Something fun and flirty, and that is what makes the Flirtini extra exciting! I love a good Vodka, been one of my favorite types of alcohol for a long time. I can mix it with practically anything I desire, Pearl Vodka has loads of amazing flavors! A little bit of everything for everyone. If you can imagine it, Pearl Vodka probably has it.

The Flirtini makes an excellent drink to get together with your girlfriends and have a nice drink together. This drink can also be made to enjoy at home during a candlelite dinner for two. The possibilities are endless. Flirtini is made with Pearl Pomegranate Vodka and it tastes like you are eating a pomegranate! I find that completely amazing, I am one of those people that only wants to taste a little bit of alcohol in my… well, alcohol. This makes it perfect for me.

Flirtini Ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 oz. Pearl Pomegranate Vodka
  • 4 oz. Chilled Champagne
  • Splash Grenadine


  • Pour Pearl Pomegranate into flute and add champagne to fill.
  • Add splash of grenadine for color, and enjoy!

This makes an adorable drink and it tastes divine! Lots of class with a little bit of sass, that is what I call Pearl Vodka!

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