Make Your Dog’s Summer a Breeze: Keeping it Cool

Summer is upon us, so we shed our winter coats and start to complain about the heat again. Being human is warm enough as it is, but look to your loyal friend who’s spread out over the tiles of the kitchen floor – desperately trying to squeeze a cool moment out of them.

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Your dog may have come to terms with the heat and developed a series of methods for cooling down during summer, but the season doesn’t have to be so heavy on her. At least not when you’re around; these great ideas can help your dog stay chilled when it’s at its warmest so that you can enjoy watching her leaping around outside again – full of energy.


As obvious as it is, you’ll be saddened by the number of pet owners who don’t realize how much water their dogs need, particularly when it’s summer. Access to quantities of fresh water at all times is paramount to prevent dehydration, as well as keeping your dog from helping herself to still water in nature.

One of the best ways to ensure they have enough water when she’s alone at home is to keep an automatic water dispenser. Remember to bring bottles of water when you’re going out together, too, as activity and sun exposure will only require more water. I have seen dogs drinking from pools on a boiling summer’s day without their human even lifting an eye – there are a lot of irresponsible dog owners out there, so keep a spare bottle for the unfortunate ones you meet in the heat.

Pack a backpack for your dog when you’re going out together, by the way; it’s adorable, practical, and the safest way of ensuring your pet has access to everything he needs. Here are a few of the best backpacks in 2017.

Heat Strokes

Summer means sunny days, and we’re all going to be a bit warm – there’s no getting around it. You can still do a lot for your pet to make it a bit easier, though, such as giving them a nice haircut to feel the breeze and absorb the coolness of your floor tiles.

When you’re at home, keep a small pool in the garden for them to soak in. On the hottest days, you’re likely to find your hairy child floating joyfully around until the sun sets – it’s one of those happy summer memories you’ll warm yourself on in a few months.

For any outings, bring a towel and soak it in water for her to lay on when you have a break; it will beat the warm touch of the ground anytime. Remember the flea medication, too, as they’re going to feast on your puppy in the summer. Being outside in general means that they’re more prone to ticks, fleas, and heartworm, so a trip to the vet well in advance of summer is a thoughtful choice. Make sure they’re micro-chipped as well, and you can feel pretty confident about your abilities as a pet parent.

Keeping your dog cool and safe during summer boils down to awareness. The more you watch, interact with, and take an interest in your pet’s well-being, the more likely it is that they will stay happy and healthy.

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