Magical LootCrate Unboxing [Nov. 2016]

Magical LootCrate Unboxing November 2016

Every month I get this awesome box of Nerd/Geek goodies, delivered right to my house. This month it was full of Magical items. I love LootCrate and I have so much fun opening my box and seeing what is inside. It is always a fun and wanted surprises. I anticipate it’s delivery every month and am so glad that my husband got it for me as a gift. The subscription was a gift for my Birthday and then he just keeps getting it. I am not sure if he forgot, or if he intended it this way. Either way, totally not complaining!

So the theme this month is MAGICAL and everything inside was pretty magical. The theme they choose is always fun and each item inside goes right along with it. This month I ended up not opening my box for a couple days. The excitement of Thanksgiving sort of overshadowed my unboxing. I plan to start not only doing a blog post, but perhaps doing some Unboxing videos in the future. I love that kind of thing. So let’s check out the goodies in this months LootCrate!

Doctor Strange Q-Fig

First thing that caught my eye was an Exclusive Doctor Strange Q-Fig. Off topic but, did any of you see the movie yet? I have not, but hope to at some point. It is a really nice looking figure that will make its debut on my shelves-of-all-that-is-awesome. This figure is exclusive for Looters, so that makes it extra special. I enjoy having things that not everyone else will have. I love the detail in this figure. The flapping cape and the hair, and don’t forget that facial hair. It is a very enjoyable figure that you would love to showcase!

Fantastic Beasts Obliviator T-Shirt

Right next to the Doctor Strange Q-Fig layed a T-shirt. I always get excited when there is a shirt in my LootCrate. While speaking of shirts, be sure to always get a size or two larger than you are, they tend to run a little tight. I pulled it out and it was a Fantastic Beasts Obliviator T-Shirt! Very soft and they sent me a Mens Medium, NO idea why. So that was disappointing. It is too big, but I will wear it anyways! The quality is great, and you will not see many others sporting this exclusive shirt, since it is an exclusive. Whenever I wear my LootCrate shirts, I tend to get a lot of complements. I love them.

The Elder Scrolls Online LootPin

I then pulled out the monthly Pin, that comes in every LootCrate. I got excited when I saw it was a The Elder Scrolls Online Pin! Β I love that game so much, I played it a bunch on the PC, but more lately I just lay in bed and play it on console. Usually adventuring by myself, not many of my console friends have this game. However I play with friends on PC. Now I am off topic, It comes with a code to redeem a Imperial Edition Upgrade to the PC. I would have been excited about that, however I purchased the Collector’s Edition and have no need for this. πŸ™ I was excited for a second, thinking I could upgrade my console version, but you have to have the PC or Mac version. I may see if one of my friends what the code. The Pins have come a long way! They used to just be a little button, and now they are a really nice Pin. I feel more inclined to collect these!

Game of Thrones Journal


Game of Thrones Journal


Next I pulled out an Exclusive Game of Thrones Journal. I love getting journals, I enjoy writing stuff down and saving it for later. Plus they look really neat on shelves with books, or as a decoration. I have shelves that hold all of my “nerd stuff” and this goes perfectly on it. It now sits next to my Skyrim journal! I write in them from time to time and I think when my kids are older, they will enjoy reading my hand written notes. Probably not, but one can home. It is really a high quality journal with a band that keeps it closed. The cover is of The Red Woman, and it even has some nice art on the back as well. “The night is dark and full of terrors.”

Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York

The last item I pulled from the crate was Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York comic. It is about Kurt Russell, magic Β and action! It is exclusive to looters and is the first edition. The comic is by BOOM! Comics and the art is amazing. I have not brought myself to break the seal on the comic yet, but it looks like an amazing read.

I enjoy getting my LootCrate every month and tell all my friends, that enjoy nerdy stuff like I do, that they need to give it a try. Most people are not disappointed! Regardless, I love mine and can not wait for my crate of surprises every month.

DISCLAIMER: This is purchased by myself or my family members. Not a sponsored post. These are my opinions and views and they may differ from your own.

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24 Responses

  1. Seems liek a Halloween box because these are all like Friday the 13th-ish types of things. I do like the short. Very creative!

  2. This looks so fun, I’m not sure the nerd geek box is for me, but love the idea of getting little gifts in the mail every month. so exciting. used to get bark box for my dog and he loved getting his treats too. always had to sniff the mail.

  3. Imaobong says:

    This goodies box definitely looks really cool, and I’m usually never into nerdy stuffs but I love this!

  4. Teresa Kunberger says:

    Wow what an awesome set! This looks awesome!

  5. Very interesting box of fun.

  6. This looks a great box, the fantastic beasts movie is great.

  7. Sounds like fun stuff! I love subscription boxes :).

  8. Mary Barham says:

    I have never heard of this….. I LOVEEE surprise boxes… thinking about getting this for my sis!

  9. Kitchie says:

    It really is a magical box! I especially love the journal πŸ™‚

  10. emma white says:

    oh wow this box looks amazing what a great surprise filled with so many great items

  11. Erlene Amat says:

    I love getting boxes of goodies in the mail. Not sure this box is for me, but I can see how this would make lovers of magical stuff happy.

  12. Elizabeth O. says:

    Ohh! I love that Game of Thrones inspired notebook, everything’s great but that’s a favorite! This a pretty awesome subscription box, something that my daughters will love!

  13. tauyanm says:

    omg! me too! I get excited when I receive tshirts haha and I agree that these shirts get smaller after washing them. That journal looks amazing!

  14. That is so cool. What a surprise. I love getting stuff in the mail. I would love to have that journal!

  15. Zulhardy says:

    I read about Lootcrate awhile ago and I really like the items they sent out. Doctor Strange toy is awesome. And that Elderscrolls loot, great stuff!

  16. wow. that game of thrones inspired notebook is everything.

  17. victoria says:

    What a great subscription box and it looks so much fun.

  18. Krista says:

    I have been looking into this for my daughter. She is so into Doctor Strange and other fantasy type stuff like that!

  19. Crystal Gard says:

    This box looks like a lot of fun πŸ™‚

  20. aziel morte says:

    Such a good subscription box, I bet this is so fun and I love the good stuff

  21. Echo says:

    I LOVE that journal! Oh man, it is so awesome! I have seriously thought about getting a subscription.

  22. Delaine says:

    This box seems very fall/Halloween, I like the creativity though

  23. Ayesha Heart says:

    I like the concept. This is something new and I love receiving subscription box – It’s like my birthday every month πŸ˜€ These are so fun and interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. So many goodies to share with your family! I’m digging the journal!

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