Luxury With Little Ones? Create a Family-friendly, Sophisticated Home

Looking at luxury homes is a favorite pastime for a lot of people. There’s something about viewing homes you know will never be yours. Except that if you want to renovate or redesign your home, it could be yours if you want it to. The problem is, is that possible if you have kids? Expensive interiors and sticky fingers don’t exactly go well together. And you don’t have a nanny to run after them or corral them in one room. You can have luxury interiors even if you have kids, but you need to make the right choices if you don’t want everything to be ruined in minutes.

Classy and Cozy

It can be tricky to choose the right style if you’re trying to create a family home that also has a touch of luxury. If you’re not sure where to start, consider a sophisticated and cozy look that uses warm shades and comfortable furniture. Try a dark leather sofa (avoid white at all costs), some faux fur throws, and a classy fireplace. Have a look at the remodeling portfolio of a few luxury services and see if you can gather some inspiration. Maybe you want to go for a luxury lodge feel. Or perhaps a homely property that’s full of warmth but still has a touch of sophistication.

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Sleek Surfaces Are Wipeable Surfaces

There’s one thing that’s great about luxury design which makes it perfect for families. It often features lots of sleek surfaces, which is ideal for anyone with children. Generally, smooth surfaces are easily wiped clean. That’s just what you need when you have kids spilling things or traipsing mud through the house. Some materials don’t clean as well as others, but you can usually wipe things up without too much trouble. The quicker you clean something up, the easier it normally is to do. Whether you choose wooden floors, glass tabletops, or marble countertops, you should be able to wipe it all clean.

Choosing the Right Colors

Color choice is extremely important if you want luxury interiors suitable for families. As most parents know, light colors are generally not a good choice. While white might look sleek and modern, it’s not ideal when children are prone to dropping and spilling things. Even if they’re well behaved, accidents can happen. Darker colors are best for things like sofas or anything that can’t be easily washed. But you can still use a range of colors to make your interiors more fun.

Use High-end Children’s Items

Kids’ furniture has the potential to ruin the look of your luxury interiors. It often looks cheap and garish, which isn’t ideal for what you have planned. Fortunately, you can get some beautiful children’s furniture that will fit right in with the rest of your home. You can look at designer and boutique items, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money. Some more affordable brands will also offer some more sophisticated options.

Don’t rule out luxury interiors because you have a family. You can still create a beautiful home that’s practical too.

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