Lovable Labels Holiday Gift Seals & Address Labels Review

So most of my posts have been holiday related lately and this one is no different. I love to prepare for the holidays by decorating and sending out Christmas cards to my friends and family. Boy do I get a cramp in my hand by the time I am done signing & addressing all those cards. I always seem to love the designs and trust Lovable Labels for all my labeling needs!

This year I have found a saver for not just my hand, but on time too. Lovable Labels have adorable Holiday Gift Seals & Address Labels! I love each of the different designs I love that I can seal envelopes or put the seal on presents from the family.

I decided on Starry Night, I think the reindeer is very lovable (Pun Intended) hugging the presents and I think the snow flakes add something else to it. Each label can be customized with the name and address of your choosing and the seals you can have personalized how you like.

This is a great item to help you with the trimmings of the holiday. I know that I love personalizing things and making them show my personality and who does not love to save time? These labels are affordable and adorable!

Lovable Labels was started by a mom who found herself having to label everything for her kid in daycare. In situations like that you need the labels to be durable and to last through daily use. She found their was a need for such labels and that is how Lovable Labels was born. “Don’t Lose it – Label it!”

So this goes much further than just Gift Seals & Address Labels. There are loads of things you can find from Lovable Labels that would make great stocking stuffers. I was blown away at the amount of labels they have. You can even label your child’s pens & pencils they take to school. There are Mult-Purpose Labels, Clothing Labels, Safety Products, Household Labels & Stationary!

There are lots of things I think my daughters would love labeled and some things I never even thought of that now I think needs a label! So not only do Lovable Labels make my holiday letter writing & gift giving easier, but it seems they can make many things easier in my home. I think a few people will be getting some Lovable Labels this year!

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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.



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