Losing Sleep Over The State Of Your Bedroom? This Is How To Fight Back

Bedrooms are supposed to be rooms where you relax and slip off slowly into a deep, rejuvenating sleep. But many bedrooms are – how should we put it? – not fit for purpose. There’s clutter all over the place, the wallpaper is peeling, and the whole room is cramped for lack of storage space.

Not to worry. Here are some decor tips that’ll help transform your bedroom from ho-hum to amazeballs.

Start With A Theme

If you’ve ever put together a child’s bedroom, you would have begun with a theme, whether it be their favorite superhero, their main hobby or their love of nature. But adults, in general, stay away from giving rooms a “theme.”

Themes, however, are what tie a bedroom together and give everything a purpose. If your bedroom is just a hodgepodge of furniture and whatever color paint you happened to have to hand, it’s always going to look messy, no matter how much decluttering you do. Think of a theme, whether it’s Zen, classical, natural, minimalist or coastal, and stick with it. You’ll quickly find that everything comes together and starts making sense once more.

Adjust The Number Of Pillows


Knowing how many pillows to throw on your bed is a bit of an art form. Too many and even contemporary beds from Cuckooland will be overwhelmed. Too few, and your room will look flat and empty. According to Elle Decor, the sweet spot is between two and six. Any more, and you’ll need an excavator to get into bed.


Have A Place To Sit Which Isn’t The Bed

Most bedrooms are limited by space. But if yours is large, consider adding extra seating. According to designers Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet, bedrooms that have separate seating areas are much more pleasant to spend time in. You can use extra seating space to have a pleasant conversation with your partner, rather than you both curling up on the bed in some awkward position.


Remove All Technology

According to designer Aurelien Gallet, bedrooms are for sleeping which means no smartphones, iPads or computers. She also bans televisions in her bedrooms because the blue light they emit prevents the body from shutting down and drifting off into a deep sleep. Gallet admits that hers is strong medicine given our interconnected world. However, she says, if you leave all your “i-everything” out of the bedroom, you’ll end up being a much happier person.

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Collection Of The Things You Love

You don’t want your bedroom to be full of random pieces, but you do want some keepsakes that make you feel happy and warm inside.

Stock Up Your Nightstand

Once you hit the sack, you want to make sure that you’ve got everything you need to hand for a great night’s sleep. This includes things like a glass of water, lamp, reading glasses and book. Having all this kit will help make your bedroom feel as if it is indulging you, helping you drift off to sleep even faster.

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