The Lone Ranger Review

The Lone Ranger

Movies are a big thing in my home, always an excuse to climb into the couch and snuggle up together with some popcorn, or other nice treat. I just love anything that brings us together and we can just be together. We watch a lot of Disney movies as a family, they are always great movies and will make us all happy. So we have a pretty big collection of Disney movies and we watch them often.

There are those instances that the movies are not really meant for our younger kids so we will stay up and watch them together. The Lone Ranger is one of those movies as it is rated PG-13 and we tend to follow the ratings for our children. My husband is in Afghanistan so this time I had to watch it by myself, with my big fat cat. I enjoyed some popcorn and my smaller cat came and stole some too.

So on to the movie, it was awesome and hilarious! Of course it was not all laugh out loud funny as it had its serious points. Watching both main characters trying to figure out how to work together was comical, but they had the same main goal.

I thought each character was well acted and I really enjoyed the costumes! I am big on the wardrobes of the characters looking right and these were… just awesome! I love all the high paced action and it fit into the story well! I can not wait to watch this with my husband when he returns home!

I sat on the couch unmoving the whole time, except to stuff popcorn in my face. It was one of those movies you didn’t dare move for fear you would miss something, but it is a DVD and you could just pause. I just did not even want to take that pause moment because I wanted to see the movie all the way through.

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