Legends of CHIMA: Laval’s Journey Review [3DS]

Legends of CHIMA: Laval's Journey

I can not express how much my kids love LEGOs and let alone how much they love video games. I think we have countless LEGO video games in our game collection and I doubt there will be anytime we will stop getting them. These video games are loads of fun for even my husband and I to play after the kids go to sleep.

One of the more recent games we tried out is called Legends of CHIMA: Laval’s Journey and my kids had a lot of fun playing it. It came out on the PSVita and Nintendo DS & 3DS. We got it on the 3DS and enjoyed the 3D qualities of it. The graphics were typical LEGO fashion and it was lots of fun.

The story follows Laval on his epic journey where we fight, fly and leap through 15 levels off constant action. I loved going around to the secret areas and getting the collectables, and so did my daughter. It was a lot of fun unlocking the new characters too.

I loved the voice acting and pretty much everything about this LEGO game. If you have loved LEGO games in the past, you will love this one just as much. I really loved Laval and all the characters, and I really enjoyed the story! This would make a great stocking stuffer this year or an excellent gift under the tree for a kid on your list!

Release Date: September 3, 2013
Rating: Everyone 10+
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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