League Of Legends: Still Champion Of The Online Gaming World?

Since its emergence in 2009, League of Legends has become a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game of epic proportions. The expertly crafted world that Riot Games have created defies imagination and immerses the gamer into weird and wonderful gameplay experience like no other online platform has ever witnessed. For those not attuned to the world of online gaming, people from all walks of life can turn on their laptop and log onto a whole new universe of beat ‘em ups, racing games, kooky little RPGs and, of course, MOBAs.

The innovative aspect of League of Legends is that it is completely free to play. There are items that you may wish to purchase for your Champion such as awesome looking skins, but you can play purchase free, and your lack of willingness to be flash with your cash does nothing to hinder the gameplay experience. Take a look at why, eight years after its launch, League of Legends is still the champion of MOBAs.

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When League of Legends was first born, people dismissed it as a poor man’s free World of Warcraft. Quickly, the online gaming community realized that they had underestimated the game’s developers, as what appeared before them on their screens was a never seen before style of interactivity. There were elements of strategy, RPG, and good old fashioned battling that saw League of Legends swiftly develop legions of loyal online fans.

As an MOBA, at its core is the team battles. As part of a team of five Champions, you take on other teams in fierce battles as you locate them on the Summoner’s Rift map. You have the opportunity to cast spells, fight monsters to the death and unlock further Champions as you go. The game is hugely addictive with its colorful graphics and continual challenges. The game doesn’t give you the opportunity to stagnate with one Champion and encourages you to delve deeper into the League of Legends world.

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The champions are the stalwarts of the game and every person that you meet within the gaming community will have their favorite. From the cute zombie-esque mummy of Amumu to the extrovert Corki with his enormous mustache, the Champions are fun, vibrant and individual. They are playful enough for the young gamer and three dimensional enough for the wise strategist. Gamers will enter into lengthy debates about which Champion is the strongest spell caster, fighter and most adept at hiding. Each Champion is designated a category such as fighter, assassin or mage. Each type of Champion has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. It is the discovery of these that makes the game play so fascinating and skill based.

Depending on the game mode, you will find that different Champions will have different strengths. Within the ARAM game mode, a Champion is selected randomly for you, and you take on another randomly selected Champion chosen by the Summoner. These short quick fire battles are a great way to hone your skills. Nearly every gamer has created their own ARAM tier list to inform fellow gamers of the finest Champions for that particular game mode. Champions are ranked and put into tiers according to their prowess in the battle arena. Debate rages between gamers as to which Champion is the best all rounder and the only way to join in is to have a go yourself.

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You may be thinking how on Earth this MOBA holds the most ardent gamer’s attention. The answer lies within the developer’s intelligent use of incentives and steady increase in challenge. At every level, spells can be unlocked for free, which allows you to experiment with their use within battles. You can also unlock Masteries that enable you to earn free points. You may choose to save them up or purchase runes to make your Champion stronger.

As you progress and become more adept at the game, you can enter into the most competitive of battles. Once you have reached level 30, you can fight battles that also only involve fellow level 30 gamers, testing your level of skill and gameplay to the maximum. You will need to hone your use of spells and stealth ability. These bouts within the arena will see you earn ranking points. The more points you achieve, the more highly regarded you are amongst your fellow gamers.

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The Future

With smartphones making a play for the MOBA market how long will it be before the League of Legends sees its final update for the PC? The answer to this lies within the loyal community of gamers that have stood by League of Legends since its first foray into the online gaming world.

The MOBA gaming experience has to be enjoyed in its most immersive sense. Playing a game like League of Legends on an Android handset with your earphones in while watching TV just simply isn’t going to cut it. You need a wider monitor, a spectacular graphics card, noise reducing headphones and if you’re lucky, a gaming chair. Only by allowing yourself to be transported into the Summoner’s Rift can you achieve the full gaming experience. The smartphone market may try to emulate the success of the MOBA explosion on the PC, but the result will be nothing more than a slightly more specialized RPG.

Smartphone handsets are great if you have a spare five or ten minutes and want to give your brain a little bit of a workout. However, Android and Apple developers will find it very difficult to replace laptops as the primary platform for MOBAs due to their lack of immersive involvement. They may find a place in the market, but it won’t come anywhere close to threatening the PC stronghold on MOBA gaming.


The League of Legends continues to be the number one choice for MOBA enthusiasts across the globe. The continued updates, renewals and new community members mean that there is life in this game yet. The emergence of new competitors will merely encourage the developers to improve League of Legends even further making it the champion of the gaming world for the foreseeable future.

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