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I have several gamers on my list every year. From my Dad to my kids, they range in all sorts of ages and different likes and dislikes. My Dad enjoys Call of Duty: Zombies, my Brother loves Grand Theft Auto Online, my Bestie’s husband plays Overwatch and my kids adore MineCraft or Little Big Planet. Regardless of what they play they all use a controller and can benefit from something to either make the controller easier to use or give them the precision they need. So this year I am putting a few KontrolFreek items in their stockings! I have used them for years and really enjoy the advantage I get in my favorite games.


My dad is an avid Call of Duty: Zombies player. He really enjoy the mechanics and he has so much fun with it. He could  tell you everything you would ever need to know about any level in any of the games. I knew the KontrolFreek Call of Duty Revive for Xbox One would be a great fit for him this year. The thumbsticks are vintage blue bottle caps that stick with the theme of the Call of Duty: Zombies. There is amazing detail put into each thumbstick. They are actually a collectors edition Performance Thumbstick, and only the second ones to come out in the perk-a-cola line that started coming out last year.

The thumbsticks are made of a rubber that will not slip with your fingers.  They add about 5.7mm of height on both sticks and it causes a minimal, if any, learning curve when trying them out. I find it is a seamless transition. I noted they felt a bit different, but after a few games I did not even notice it anymore. I can turn so much quicker and it is helps with seamlessly aiming at my targets. They will not only help with your game, but they are great for any Call of Duty: Zombie fan out there!


I plan to get my brother the KontrolFreek Pro Pack for the Playstation 4. He is a big Grand Theft Auto Online player, and loves to have a bit of an edge on the competition. The Pro Pack is really great for First Person Shooters(FPS). I tried out the Pro Pack and LOVED it. I wanted to test it out on his favorite game, so I loaded up some GTA Online and ran it through its paces. I loved how it felt playing with the controller with it having the Grips and the Thumbsticks. I really felt like I had an unfair advantage with the quick movements of my character and the grips really do give you more comfort and it even wicks away the sweat, I can sometimes get a bit sweaty while playing, especially if I do not put the controller down for extended periods of time.

The Vortex Thumbsticks that come in the Pro Pack are a bit taller than normal and it really helps you aim on your targets and move quickly through any battlefield. My brother plays GTA in First Person and it will certainly help him to take out the enemy quickly and flawlessly. The grips are amazing at keeping your hands comfortable and give you a nice grip on the controller. Just a great balance on your controller to help you improve your gaming quality. I moved quickly through missions taking out all the target with more ease then I ever have and now I know I can not go back to a standard controller ever again. I love that the Pro Pack comes with a bonus case that will hold up to 4 thumbsticks! Means I can switch to what I need based on the game I am playing and keep them put away, so they don’t get lost!


Check out KontrolFreek’s website and see that you can find something for everyone. Plenty of different options available and some even customized to your favorite games! They make great gifts for over the holidays and if you are looking for stocking stuffers, these are perfect! They are not big and bulky in the packages and will fit neatly inside a stocking. Regardless on if you choose to wrap or stuff, these are great options for that gamer in your life!

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Proud mother to two daughters. She also is the proud mother of 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a chinchilla. She spends her time with her family and when she has some downtime, she is usually playing video games or taking on a home improvement project.

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46 Responses

  1. Avatar Deanna says:

    These look really cool. I will have to check them out for my son, he loves gaming!

  2. Avatar Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    Ok those thumbsticks are wicked cool. My husband plays that game, so I am sure he would LOVE this in his stocking this year.

  3. As a non-gamer, I need all the advice I can get. So this is a very helpful post today. Thank you!

  4. Avatar Tyler says:

    These are such good ideas! I want them!



  5. Avatar Chloe says:

    I haven’t heard of this brand before but we too have some avid gamers in the house. Will have to check them out!

  6. My boyfriend is a gamer. I will order some for him!

  7. Avatar Emma white says:

    Thank you for this, my sons are into gaming and I have no idea about any of this stuff, you have just given me a little insight into there world 🙂

  8. Great Christmas gift for the men!

  9. Those are great ideas! Thank you for sharing this post <3

  10. Avatar Heidi says:

    I know some guys who would love these. Great ideas.

  11. Cool gift ideas for the gamers in our lives!

  12. Avatar Kelly Recci says:

    this is perfect for father and son lol

  13. I would love to have this KontrolFreek Call of Duty Revive for myself where I can enjoy a great game. I usually prefer rubber thumbsticks for a perfect grip where I can have an advantage in any games that I will be playing.

  14. There is no one in my life who I could give these to but I loved reading about them anyway. 🙂

  15. Avatar Amy Jones says:

    This truly is a great stocking stuffing! Looks like a great controller

  16. Avatar Nicole says:

    Fun gifts for gamers!

  17. Avatar Siobhan says:

    I will definitely have to check this out. My husband and oldest son are huge gamers. I can’t even tell you how many systems reside in our household.

  18. Avatar Cristina L. says:

    It’s great for stocking stuffing. i love them

  19. Avatar Karlyn Cruz says:

    Wow! First time to see these stuffs but would be perfect for geeky pips.

  20. Avatar Nicole Escat says:

    My geek and freak friends would love to have these Haha! Gotta recommend these to them.

  21. Avatar Akhil Sharma says:

    Your dad is so kool (read cool). After reading this, I am excited to get this pro pack asap because I am into FPS games.

  22. Avatar Nancy L. says:

    My son is the ultimate gamer and would love to have all of these items in his stocking. I’m so glad I came across your post because I don’t know the first thing about all this gaming stuff. 🙂 He’ll love it all!

  23. As a non-gamer I need all info. I don’t play games but I know my hub is going to like this. I’ll tell him about this for sure. Thanks

  24. Avatar GiGi Eats says:

    OOOOH! I know SO many people in my life who would loveeeee this!

  25. Avatar Kait says:

    Very cool! I’ll have to show this to my husband!

  26. Avatar Elizabeth O says:

    My kids are huge gamers and I’ve bought my share of stuff over the years. Now they make their own purchases and I can chill out.

  27. This sounds like the perfect gift for a gamer. I have so many people who would love to receive this.

  28. Avatar andrea says:

    So much fun! What a great stocking stuffer!

  29. Avatar Brandi H says:

    Great gift ideas for gamers! I used to be a big gamer when I was younger.

  30. Avatar tauyanm says:

    omg thanks for showing this to us! my family is a big fan of anything zombie! will check this out! thank u!

  31. I think my sons outgrew their Playstation. They are now more into MMORPG. I will recommend this though to my sister. Her son is into this kind of gaming.

  32. I know quite a few people who would love to have these items from KontrolFreek!
    Sondra Barker recently posted…How to Make 3 Different Flavor Cupcakes With 1 Box of Vanilla Cake MixMy Profile

  33. Avatar ellie says:

    I feel like my Husband would love these! I’ll have to check them out!
    ellie recently posted…The 10 Days of Glam-Mas: Gold SequinsMy Profile

  34. Avatar Bismah says:

    These are such great stocking stuffers! Perfect for anyone who loves playing video games!
    Bismah recently posted…CustomInk’s Interactive Holiday Gift Guide QuizMy Profile

  35. Avatar Meeta says:

    With a gamer son tin the house this is a great idea. Need to check it out.

  36. These are so smart. I know quite a few gamers and these little goodies could really help improve their playing.
    Cindy Ingalls recently posted…Give the #BestofBLUE for the Holidays!My Profile

  37. Avatar Rosey says:

    Now you’re speaking the language of my grown boys. These are perfect stocking stuffers.

  38. Avatar victoria says:

    This is absolutely sounds so cool I would tell this to my hubby

  39. Avatar jill conyers says:

    This is a great gift idea for so many. And not just for kids.
    jill conyers recently posted…Easy Ways To Recharge The Body and MindMy Profile

  40. Avatar adriana says:

    Wow these really are great stocking stuffers!! I love this idea, perfect for all of the video game lovers!

  41. Avatar Anosa says:

    My bother is a huge gamer so he would love call of duty or grand thef auto as well. This would make a lovely christmas present
    Anosa recently posted…Five Things week 8My Profile

  42. Avatar katrina gehman says:

    oh those looke like a blast. my kids would love to play. sign me up

  43. Avatar Natasha Botkin says:

    Interest ideas. Thanks

  44. Avatar TColeman says:

    This looks like something that my kids would love. I have never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Love that you shared this because I’ve never heard of this brand. I have some gamers on my list so definitely checking this out.
    Krystel @ Planning The Magic recently posted…the easy guide to your Walt Disney World VisitMy Profile

  46. Avatar lynzy says:

    These look so cool!! I love fun gaming things like this. My nephew would love these! How awesome – and you’re right, these all make for perfect stocking stuffers!

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