Kidz Gear: Wired Headphones For Kids Review [Pink]

I love finding new presents for kids to give for the holidays. I really love it if it is useful and able to be personalized, even if the personalization is something as simple as different colors. We like to let our kids watch movies when we travel and they also love to play games! One thing that is a bit of a problem is with the baby, sometimes the house has to be quiet, and when we travel we sometimes do not want to hear the movie they are watching.

A gift I think you will find useful this year for your kids is a Kidz Gear Wired Headset for Kids! They are perfect for little heads and ears. I love how the volume is always sure to be a safe level for little ears. I have looked for a long time for a headset my daughter would love. She has fought me forever on any headset I have her try for her DVD player in the car, for the iPad, or even playing games in the living room when I am trying to take care of the baby.

I love letting her play in the living room, but I spend a lot of time out there with the baby. With the headset it I know it is a safe volume and she will actually wear them. They are small enough to fit her head perfectly and she does not even complain wearing them. I think it is because they come in her favorite color, Pink. They also come in many more colors: Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Black & White; along with that pink color I mentioned before!

I think the best thing about them is that she loves them. That is always a huge thing with headsets and kids, is that they do not like them. With the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones they just fit right and come in pretty much any color to make any kid happy. What is even great is kids the age of 2 and over can wear these without any problem. Perfect for any little ones head and they can use them with all their favorite electronics! It will cut down the sound in the home or on a car trip and it will be a volume their little ears can handle.

I think these are great for any kid on your list that uses electronics. I have a few kids on my list this year that this would make a great gift and comes in colors to suit all of them individually! My daughter uses them almost daily and they are her favorite color.

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