The Key to a Happy, Young Family: Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy

Dogs can be a very welcome addition to a newborn’s life. They can provide them with the first, and sometimes the best, friends they’ll ever know. They can also provide them with memories that they’ll cherish forever. But sometimes, a newborn is not always seen by a dog as a welcome addition to the family. Sometimes, a crying, screaming baby is not what a dog would call their ideal housemate. But, if you are dog owner as well as an expectant or new mother, and you want a happy family, you will need to make sure your dog is happy with the big change brought about by your little bundle of joy. Below are a few ways you can do so.

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Dogs are very territorial. They believe that the home they live in is theirs. They believe it’s their territory, and they don’t like it when new living things enter it. It is for this reason that you should try to prepare your pooch for the new arrival even before your son or daughter (or both) arrives. The first thing you should do — as soon you know you’re expecting — is to ensure your dog is as obedient as can be. This could mean signing them up for a dog training class or it could mean you just being stricter with them. Whatever route you take, you need to ensure that they know how to act, especially around other people. And you need to ensure that this is the case as soon as possible. Then, closer to your due date, you should actively try to get your dog prepared for not just another person entering its home, but a baby. To do this, although it may seem a bit strange to do, you should carry a doll in the form of a baby around with you. Doing so will make your dog aware of the baby form. Other, less strange, things to do include setting up things your impending baby will need, likes its crib. This will make your dog aware that changes are happening to its space. The new arrival will always come as some sort of a blow to your dog, but if you prepare it for it as much as possible beforehand, the blow won’t be as bad.

Of course, after the birth your son or daughter is now your priority. In fact, they will continue to be your priority for the rest of your life. But, if you want a happy family you will need to keep your hound happy. And do so you need to make up for the fact that you can’t show them as much attention by showing them extra attention when you do so. To make up for the fact that your time is now being directed mainly towards your newborn, you could try providing your dog with more treats. You could provide them with more toys to keep them occupied. Or you could purchase something that will you provide them with a better quality of life, such as top grooming tools that make your old grooming tools pale in comparison. Showing your dog extra attention when you do show it attention should (hopefully) make up for the fact that the attention they receive is not as frequent as it was before.

If you want a happy, young family then you need to ensure your dog is happy. If it is not then you will find your first few weeks of motherhood even more challenging than they already are.

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