Keeping It Fresh: No More Kitsch In The Kitchen

Some people like the homely, warm feeling that a more vintage or retro look can add to the kitchen. To others, however, that same look might come off as tacky and even a little cheap. If you like modern, minimalist design, you can extend to the kitchen, too. Here are just a few ways you can give the heart of the home a modern pulse.


No more hiding the fine china

Open shelving is becoming more and more of a trend in contemporary kitchens, and that’s a good thing for all involved. For one, cupboard doors attract humidity, dust, and stickiness like only few fixtures can do. But the truth is that the “style” for cupboard doors evolve often and aren’t replaced often in the average kitchen. This means that the cupboards you had fitted just a year or two ago are going to look outdated quicker than the rest of the kitchen. Besides, it’s just a lot more convenient to have more open shelving for storing your cups and plates.

The sleek, timeless look

The choice of materials can do a lot to make your kitchen look new, even if it’s not. At the very least, they can look timeless. Granite is easily one of the best options for a kitchen countertop that can go the distance. Options like a white AA Marble and Granite custom countertop give the room a sense of freshness. Thanks to their durability and resistance to moisture, dirt, heat, and just about everything, they keep that look for a lot longer, too. Just make sure you get an up-close inspection of the material, first. The wrong shade can look more washed out and faded than fresh.


Don’t miss the details

Sometimes, a little change can go a long way. Nowhere is that truer than in your faucets. An aging faucet shows immediately. A new addition to the sink like a Delta Faucet can serve as an instant and far-from-expensive upgrade to the kitchen. There are a few other smaller changes to update the look, too, like going for a simpler backsplash design, or even adding new handles to any existing kitchen cabinets. A little bit of shiny new metal can make a big difference.

Keep it flexible

When we think of contemporary design, we think of getting rid of all that unnecessary clutter. There are plenty of storage tips for vertical storage to be found to help you keep countertops looking spick and span. But options like sliding kitchen countertops can add more usable space while allowing you to keep islands unobtrusive and give a sophistication to the space. The same goes for sliding cutting boards that can extend over the sink. Think about how to be more flexible with the space you have and even a smaller kitchen can be versatile..

The contemporary, minimalist look does a lot more than make the kitchen look stylish. It makes it much easier to clean and more versatile in its use, meaning less time spent cleaning up after yourself when cooking is done and significantly easier maintenance.

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