Keeping Your Backyard Family and Pet Friendly!

Summer is here and your backyard is going to experience a lot more use with the little ones breaking up from school. So it’s absolutely essential that you get on top of things and ensure that it is a fun, safe and healthy space for your loved ones to spend time in. Read on for a complete guide to creating the perfect backyard for your family.

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A Full Check Over

Give your garden a once over, keeping an eye out for any potential risks or hazards. Check that fences aren’t splintered and that there aren’t any gaps, breaks or holes where children or pets could crawl out. Ensure that any gardening tools, equipment or products are stowed away out of little ones’ reach. If you have a shed, this is the perfect place. If not, either invest in one or store items in a spare cupboard within your home.


The summer means longer days and shorter nights, but you should still be wary of the hours in between when darkness takes over your garden. Invest in Light Sensitive Switches which will ensure that any lights in your garden turn on as soon as sunlight fades away and turn back off when the sun rises in the morning. This will ensure that your garden is well lit at all times of the night. The pros of this? Well, kids inevitably leave toys out that they want back once they head indoors. You’ll be able to find them quickly and easily without stumbling and hurting yourself. Further? Burglars are less likely to target well-lit homes. A garden that they will be visible in at all times will be a huge put-off and they are less likely to attempt to break into your property. There’s also the added benefit of being able to pop into the garden to kick back with a nice hot drink or glass of wine once your little ones are all tucked up in bed. Bonus!

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Mess Bin

If you have a dog, chances are that they will leave a mess in the garden. You don’t want your children to accidentally step in this or put their hands in it. This can, obviously, have awful health implications. So be vigilant and keep an eye on all areas of the garden so you can remove waste and place it in a designated mess bin as soon as it appears. Try taking your dog for an extra short walk each day too. This will encourage them to do their business at the park rather than on your lawn.

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Paddling pools and swimming pools are a great addition to any backyard in the summer. Kids love cooling off and splashing about during the day. But you need to make sure that everything is safe. Clean the water and general pool according to the instructions given by its manufacturer. You should also ensure that kids are supervised at all times when in any garden space with a pool, whether they are playing in it or not.



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