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Summer is here, and that means that things will be heating it up. This is good news for sun-worshipers and those of us who like the finer weather, but bad news for all of us who struggle with the heat.

If you’re the kind of person who finds it hard to cope with excessive temperatures, here are some simple things you can do to keep it cool and ensure that this summer doesn’t cause you to go into meltdown:

Eat Little and Often

When it’s hot outside, and you want to avoid feeling too hot, it’s sensible to eat small, light meals often. You see, when you eat a big meal, your metabolism generates more body heat as it works hard to digest it, so by eating smaller meals, you can keep your body temperature down, which will help with the way you feel.

Invest in Air Con

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If your home doesn’t already have air con and all signs point to their being a heatwave in your area, it really will help you to stay more comfortable if you install air con. If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to go to the expense of having air con installed in your home –  just check out this the Best Portable Air Conditioners 2017 – Buyer’s Guide for information on lower cost portable units, which you can use at home and work, for affordable options that will do the job without breaking the bank.

Run Your Wrists Under the Faucet

When you start to feel really hot, head to the cold water faucet and let it run over each of your wrists for 5-10 seconds at a time every two hours or so. There is a major vein in the wrist which, when cold water is passed over it, will help to cool your blood down and keep you going when you feel like flagging.

Add Spice to Your Meals

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You might think that eating spicy food when you’re trying to keep cool is a big no-no, but actually spicy curries and chili-based meals will increase your circulation and cause you to eat more, both of which will cool your body down and help you to feel more comfortable in the heat.

Keep the Blinds Closed

If you’re indoors and the heat is just too stifling for you, one thing you can do to cool the place down quickly, in the absence or air con, is to close the blinds or curtains. By doing this, you will block out any light, and the room will start to feel a lot cooler very quickly.

Slow the Pace

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When it’s really hot, I’m talking heatwave levels; you should always slow down your pace and avoid doing anything too strenuous like moving heavy furniture or running. If you must do strenuous activity, do it early in the day, preferably before 7 am, or after 7 pm when it will be much cooler, and you won’t be putting yourself at risk.

How do you keep cool in the heat?

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