How To Keep Your Dog Healthy During The Summer Season

The summer season has arrived and the days have become longer and warmer. Weekends will be spent frolicking around at the park, your dog will spring as fast as he can, until he starts to pant loudly with his tongue hanging down, trying to relieve some of the heat. Increasing temperatures mean that several health conditions in dogs are more than likely to surface. With rigorous exercise, you can also shine a light on the physical ailments they might be suffering from, such as joint pain, sprains and or breathing problems. However, there are a few things you can do to save your furry friend from anguish and becoming shy to explore and run as he should.

Getting in shape

Each time the summer months come around, people feel the need to fill the weeks of inactivity with strenuous physical activity as if they were trying to make up for something. If your dog has piled on the pounds lately, now actually could be the best time for them to get out and shed some of that weight off. Overweight dogs suffer from knee, spine and pelvis pain because their structure isn’t designed to be so heavy. Take him on gentle walks every single day, and cut back on their food portions. Over-indulgence is harmful, no matter how much you may want to keep them happy with food.

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Stop them from overheating

Trim his fur during these months, so he can let some of his body heat out and better regulate his temperature. When it’s bathtime, pour cool or lukewarm water over him and refrain from using warm or hot water as this can overheat your pooch. However, the cooler water won’t wash away the shampoo with as much efficiency so, pour and rub at the same time, so you don’t pour too much water over him, shedding the natural oils from his coat.

Make them a place in the house where they can lay down or sleep, but in a cool corner. Place his leather dog lounger in some shade so when he feels the need to cool off, the sun isn’t causing him annoyance, and his lounger isn’t hot to the touch. As the lounger is filled with poly fiber, the heat from his body is evenly spread throughout, so it doesn’t clump and cause discomfort. Always keep a bowl of cold water next to their food bowl, and feel free to crush ice into the bow for a refreshing drink.

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Going out

Summer ventures like going to the beach can be the right opportunity to get your dog up and to move. You should take with you a frisbee, so an intense game of catch can occur where your dog has to jump and mobilize his joints to catch the item. Equally, instead of going for your routine walk, take your dog with you when you go on a camping holiday or perhaps are national park resort. Hiking up a hill is the perfect workout for your dog as he will get to run on uneven surface, dodging rocks and ditches where he should feel right at home in nature.

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