Involving Your Little Ones When Moving Home

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Moving home is a relatively big process for anyone. But for children, it can literally seem like the end of the world. Think about it: they have their own little worlds revolving entirely around their home, their school and their extracurricular activities. If they’re moved away from this, things aren’t as simple as driving a little further to meet their friends or making a few more calls or video calls here and there. They live on a majorly face-to-face basis, and moving can remove certain friends from their lives almost completely. What’s more? They rarely have a say in the entire process, as they lack general control over their lives and where they are going to live. It’s not surprising that a move can prove stressful. However, this doesn’t mean that you should cancel your intended move completely. While you should try to give your children as stable an upbringing as possible, there are times when opportunities arise that mean moving can offer them a vastly improved quality of life. Perhaps you find a property that allows them access to higher quality schooling. Maybe you’ve been offered a job elsewhere that means you will be able to offer them a better quality of life in general. Your family may even be expanding, and a move will provide them with a room of their own and personal space that they will inevitably require down the line as they grow older. In these cases, a move is a logical option. So, how do you gain all of the benefits of a positive move without upsetting your children in the process? The key is to ensure that they are involved at all times!

Viewing Properties

So many parents make the drastic mistake of keeping a home move secret. This is the kind of thing that your child needs to grow used to, rather than something that is dropped on them last minute. Time will allow them to overcome their tantrums and begin to feel enthusiastic about the change of location. Start out by taking them along to home viewings. This will be a novel day out for them, where they get to explore their new home. You can get their imaginations going by pointing out which room will be theirs and encouraging them to think up wall colors and furniture arrangements that they might like.

Moving Day

When the day of the move comes, you want to dedicate as much attention to your kids as possible. This may seem difficult, as your attention will be in all sorts of other areas. But shipping them off to daycare or a childminder will result in them feeling left out and excluded. Instead, use Moving Companies. They will alleviate pressure from you, taking care of the bulk of the work and allowing you to simply drive to your new property with your little ones. Arriving as a family unit will make it all seem like a big adventure where you can tackle anything together.

Settling In

Once you’ve arrived, it’s time to start settling in. Focus on your children’s rooms first. Creating a space for them to relax in will make them feel more at home in a shorter period of time! They can also then spend time in their rooms and be out from under your feet while you focus on the rest of the property.

While you may be tempted to focus your attention on the list of things that need to be done to get your family from A to B, you need to remember to also pay attention to your children. This will put them at ease and make them feel more comfortable and content with the entire moving process.

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