Interior Design Is Pointless If You Don’t Maintain Your Property

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Working on the interior design of your home is a lot of fun. It’s way more fun than worrying about home maintenance and all that jazz. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that amazing interior design is nothing without a well-maintained home.

In fact, it’s pretty much pointless.

Let me break it down for you; you can have the most beautiful interior design on the planet, but it will be ruined when you ignore general maintenance tasks. Certain things happen in your property that will destroy your interior design vision and make your whole home feel ugly and out of style. The best way to illustrate this is to take you through various maintenance issues and show how they damage your interior design.


Dust seems fairly harmless, but it can be a real killer for your interior design vision. It gets everywhere and sticks to all surfaces, greatly diminishing any look. A brand new gorgeous piece of furniture can look a hundred years old if dust clings to it. Your rooms just look dirty and grey when you neglect to dust, so you have to buck your ideas up. Clean dusty surfaces at least once a week to ensure everything is gleaming and dust-free. This guarantees your home reaches its full aesthetic potential.

Don’t let dust damage your design! It’s a simple maintenance job but has big consequences when you neglect it.

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the biggest interior design threats ever. If your home suffers from it, and you leave it unattended, you’ll end up with ghastly mold spores all over your walls and ceiling. Is that an attractive look? Heck no! Dealing with this maintenance issue is all about finding out what causes water damage and fixing it. Some people have fire sprinklers that corrode and leak, in which case you may consider something like a nitrogen fire suppression system to avoid this issue. Other people get water damage through condensation, in which case, open your windows when you boil the kettle or take a steamy bath. If structural problems are causing leaks, then you need to fix them, so no water gets in your home.

The bottom line is that you must keep water damage at bay by maintaining your home and preventing it.

Dirt & Debris On The Floor

Finally, we have the bane of everyone’s life; floor maintenance. That’s basically a fancy way of combining vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning your floor all into one – clever, right? Throughout every day you will bring dirt & debris into your home, and it will stick to your floor. Carpeted floors will need vacuuming to ensure their look isn’t ruined by bits of fluff and hair sticking out like sore thumbs. Hard floors need sweeping for the same reason, and also may need wiping down with soapy water or floor cleaner if there are any dirt marks.

Floor maintenance is essential as it can drastically improve the way a room looks. On the flip side, forgetting to do it can ruin the aesthetic.

Essentially, if you want to get the most out of your interior design and keep your house looking good forever, you need to focus on general home maintenance tasks!

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