The Incredible Versatility Of Your Basement

According to most interior designers, the basement is one of the most underappreciated rooms in the home. But, as it turns out, it’s also one with the most potential.

Basements are well out of the way of the rest of your home. They occupy their own level and are usually only accessible by stairs – or trap-doors if you’re really extreme. As a result, you’re allowed to be a lot more experimental with them than you could be with other parts of your house.

To get more out of your basement, check out some of these great ideas for all the family.

Craft Room


Do you wish you had somewhere that you and the kids could go and make a mess and it wouldn’t matter? Well, with a basement renovation, you can do precisely that. Basements are the perfect setting for crafts, no matter what you’re into, whether it’s model railways, painting toy cars, building rocket ships or sewing. They’re out of the way, self-contained and allow you to keep mess into a single area of your home according to

Squash Court

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What exactly is a squash court? Essentially, it’s a box that’s capable of taking a beating. Sound familiar?

Basements are prime real estate to convert into squash courts. In fact, they double up as practically any type of racquetball space. You’ll have to spend a bit of money making sure that nothing can get damaged by a stray ball, but with your own court, you can avoid queues at the gym.

Extra Lounge

At, you can view pictures of homeowners who have converted their basements into lounges. Basement lounges are the perfect place to get away from it all, tucked away in your very own underground bunker. For the ultimate basement lounge experience, install reclining sofas and a big, flat screen TV.

Band Room

It’s great that your kids are into music. But after a while, it can become grating listening to the same drum solo or guitar riff over and over again.

A soundproof basement is a perfect solution. Not only do your kids get a space to practice their musical instruments – something which is great for the development of their intellect – but you also get to conduct the rest of your life in peace and quiet. What’s more, the neighbors won’t get angry with you when your children and their friends decide to hold a band practice at 2am next time they have a sleepover.

A Swimming Pool

Given that basements have a tendency to get damp, why not fill them with water anyway? But seriously, basements are a great place for pools. Not only are they hidden away (no prying neighbors to deal with), but they’re indoors – great if you live in a part of the world prone to long, cold winters.

Play House

Did you love making dens when you were a child? If you did, then you no doubt empathize with the appeal of a play house in the basement – an area where kids can have their own playhouse, like they would in the garden.

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