Is Your House Feeling A Little Unimaginative Design-wise?

A family home should be a place in which everybody feels happy, but it also should keep up to date with current trends. The old stereotype that there’s a difference between a house and a home really does ring true when we’re talking about the family nest. If you feel that not everybody in your family is currently happy with the home in which you live then it might be time to take a proper look at the design of your house and what could be done to make it a more comfortable and welcoming environment. Here are some tips to help you make your family home a little sleeker and more appealing in terms of design.

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This has to stretch beyond a simple paint job, but that could do a lot to lift the appearance of rooms in your house; a fresh coat of white paint will reflect natural light pouring in through the windows and brighten the house as a whole. Above all else, however, you need to create a redecoration plan for the whole house. Think about more imaginative ways to approach this process; blend new and old design styles. Keep the intriguing ceiling design pattern but chuck out the knackered old sofa. Go for sleek lighting fixtures, but keep that old-fashioned lamp you like. Create your own unique style. Most importantly, opt for minimalism. That’s modernity in a nutshell. De-clutter, and you’ll feel happier about the house.

How to be cozy AND cool.

Once you have a tidier home (and that will make a difference), you’ll want to work towards making the home cozier. Appearance is important to making your family feel that your home not only looks trendy but matches their taste. Of course, comfort is about the way a place “feels” as well as the way it appears to your eyes. Beyond aesthetics, your home should also feel cozy and inviting. Small details make a difference. A throw over the sofa or a sofa new rug could help add that homely family feel to the lounge area, for example. You might want to make the lounge a little more comfortable and warm with a gas furnace, especially when you consider that the colder seasons are now approaching. You could also heat up the house by insulating the walls and double-glazing the windows.

The great thing about this is that it saves the environment and your back pocket because the more energy-efficient your home is, the lower your monthly utility bill. There’s a lot to be said about being practical throughout your decorating efforts. The DIY approach is also a great way to save money but also ensure that you’re adding your personal touch to each room rather than leaving it to someone who doesn’t really know the exact way your family wants things to look.

Listen to what the family wants.

Above all else, listen to your family. Move through the house one room at a time and listen to what everybody in the family says they want to change about that room. Compromises may have to be made, but the end-goal should be about to create a living space about which everybody feels happy. You can have a home which looks trendy but still feels like the family home. That should be the goal.

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