How Your Home Living Can Improve In 2018


We often don’t think of our home life as something that can be improved, at least outside of a social perspective. After working a fifty to sixty hour week and then taking care of children, it can feel that your general home life is there to help you relax and sleep, maybe eat, and nothing else. Having somewhere to come back home to is only one function of a great family home, and if you hope to make the most of it you’ll understand this well. Your home living can improve however, and usually in more ways than one. 2018 is upon us, meaning that new opportunity is here.

Before the spring cleaning starts, we’d like to explore how your general home living can improve in 2018. We hope that this will help you fall in love with your home once more and see its real value, despite how busy your schedule might be. Using a firm such as Million Dollar Makeovers can help you truly redefine the beauty and utility of your space, but only if you keep these things in consideration:

Hygiene & Cleanliness

Your home reflects more on your general mentality than you might realize. Your home is an extension of yourself, meaning that if it’s chaotic and messy, you’ll start your day off in that mindset too. It’s not a coincidence that people who have emotional trauma or trouble letting go often find it hard to clean or throw things out, as evidenced by the poor souls who are the subjects of hoarding television documentaries.

For this reason, keeping your home in great organized shape means starting your day off well. Consider the metaphor of a billiards player breaking the first balls to begin the match. If his cue is unpolished or slightly broken, and the table felt has seen better days, the first serve will be compromised in its integrity. Likewise, as you break the morning billiards of your day, a messy home can send you on a negative initial path during your first foray into the outside world.

Cleaning when you have children can be more easily said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you’re able to, try to teach them cleaning habits, and reward them for carrying this work out. If everyone pitches in, the home can be a wonderful place to inhabit.

Time Investment

Being at home can be difficult when you’re away with work often. If you can, make it a habit to become more of a homebody in 2018. Not only is this the place where your family dwells and is likely absolutely excited to see you more often, but it can help you craft memories and truly take a load off when you need it most. A great, well organized and hygienic home is profound for the mental health of you and your family members – as is the social connection. Redecorating the home will make you want to spend more time here, so if you need to use that as an incentive, feel free to do so.

Before long, you’ll fall in love with your home once more, to a degree you may have forgotten yourself capable of.


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