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So I am always looking for fun new games on my iPad or my daughter’s iPad. I want things that are fun and certainly things I approve of. What is even better is when these apps are free, I am a cheapskate.

Hitstory Kids is an adorably cute app that I certainly approve of for my kids. It is not meant to be a learning tool, but to get your toddlers interested in history. I think it really breaths life into these events in history and opens the door for learning these events.

Currently they have out the first episode “Columbus Sails” and it is wonderful. I think my favorite part was Peekaboo Peet! Your child can go on each little adventure tapping the screen on certain characters or things and something will happen. If you are lucky, you find Peekaboo Peet!

At the end when you have gone through the entire entire it is fun to keep going back till you find all the places Peekaboo Peet is hiding to fill up Peet’s Logbook. I know my daughter went back a few times to find all his hiding places and she continued to go back to see all the neat things happen when she would tap it.

The images are cute and the music is really great. I found myself singing along after a while when my daughter and I were checking the app out. I think this is great for any young mind to help them have an interest in history.

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