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Wherever you go, you hear about how technology and the digital world are having negative effects on our children. Apparently, the evolution of technology and all the gadgets that we are privy to that our parents weren’t has made parenting harder. Well, I’d like to point out that parenting is already hard and having to hold family meetings about online safety and the importance of not checking into Facebook when you’re doing a number two in the bathroom isn’t the most fun for anyone!

In all the panic about turning children into hunchback robots, we are all seriously missing all the ways technology can make parenting easy. Okay, so there’s always going to be times where unplugging is the best thing for the family: vacations where they can feel and see and experience the sand on the beach rather than see photos online are important. But technology is bridging a parenting gap that most people didn’t even know existed. For example:

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  • The ability to FaceTime has now made it far easier to connect with relatives who may be living on the other side of the world. The world is far smaller now we have the internet, meaning no one has to miss out on the kids growing up.
  • Home safety is far easier with technology. Things like baby monitors and bed mats give parents peace of mind from the opposite side of the house, and you can read the full review on baby monitors here. In the meantime, using them as high-tech walkie-talkies when waiting for said baby to arrive is just good sense.
  • Being able to use audiobooks to tell the same story on repeat is genius. Simply put the audio book on one of these iPad anchors and you can save your voice!
  • Games on the iPad or tablet have become so educational, that even when you give the kids a little downtime they can be learning without even realising it. Technology allows them that chance to interact while making new discoveries and training their brains.
  • With technology, you get to be more present in their lives. The big game is approaching for your kid and you need to balance work with home life – taking your work home and working remotely is the ultimate parenting hack. You can be there and be in their lives without having to compromise your job or your ability to earn!
  • Kids are reading less than ever, and while there is a beauty in the smell of the pages of a new book, there’s also something amazing about downloading free children’s books onto the tablet. Mix reading with screen time and help your children to learn the love of literature.

Technology doesn’t have to impact parenting negatively. As with anything else, there’s got to be a balance and you can cultivate that balance within your family. Whichever way you choose for your children to switch on, you can make it work for you so that your family is happier than ever.


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