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I spend a bit of time each day, playing app games. There are even a few I end up playing before I go to bed, it is an easy way to play games without having to sit in front of a TV or computer to play. Something I can do while I wait at the doctors office, getting my oil changes, or even waiting at the DMV. One thing that I had not thought about was the impact I could have while playing a game on my phone. Would you like to play app games AND save animals in the process? You can do that with Wild Warriors by Kaydabi! It allows me to play games AND help animals in need.

My entire family is all about saving the animals! We donate every year to causes we believe in, when we get the opportunity and have the extra money to do so. Any in game purchase you make in Wild Warriors, 10% will be donated to wildlife conservation. I for one want my children to enjoy all the animals we have left in the world. This is just one  small way we can help all of earth’s creatures. When you save an animal in game, you get the opportunity to vote for the animals you wish the money goes to each month, from in game purchases.

I installed the game on my iPhone and I played a few rounds of the puzzle game, that turned into a few hours of playing these puzzles. I loved saving the animals, the first one I saved was Mei a Giant Panda. We saved her from monsters that we fought during the puzzle games. We have to free each animal from the monsters that have taken them. Each monster represents ways that we lose animals, from pollution and habitat loss to poaching and deforestation. It brings a tangible element for my daughter to see what effects these animals. She had a lot of fun also playing this app, and now is obsessed with saving all of the animals. This is a great game for not just you, but your children too.

The puzzles are jewels that you link up the colors in any way, as long as they are connected and it gets the animals that goes with the jewel to attack the monster. Once you have freed an animal, like Mei, she will become one of the animals that will fight the monsters too! When I first started out, I had a bunch of Parrots, but as I continued on my way I had more and more animals to fight the monsters with. Once I saved Mei, I was able to have her grow with dragon fruit. If you do not have enough dragon fruit you can use the galactic gems that the monsters brought with them from outer space.

There are different habitats that you get to see and rescue animals from those places. I am having a blast with Wild Warriors and so is my daughter, I look forward to seeing all the habitats as I play through the game. I enjoy all the facts that are shared during loading screens. This brings a fun learning element to the game. My daughter likes to read them off to me as she sees them, and we learn new things together.

Most of us play app games all the time, why not try one that helps make a difference! They are partnered with African Wildlife Foundation, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife and World Parrot Trust! You can see for yourself the amazing things these charities do and really see how your 10% from in-app purchases can help these animals. It is such a great app that not only brings hours of entertainment, a learning experience, but also a great way to help animals. I can’t wait to see all the animals I can rescue in the game and possibly in real life with my small contributions!

Wild Warriors is available on Android & iOS!

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  1. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    It definitely sounds like a fun game and you get to save animals in the process, what could be cooler than that! I think it’s definitely something that people should check out if they love playing on their phones!

  2. This is a game that I’ll enjoy without a doubt. I love puzzle games and I love that you also help in saving animals while having fun! I will be checking this one out.

  3. Avatar Kelly Reci says:

    this is not only for the kids haha lol. ill definitley like this game i should check this out!

  4. I remember seeing this game’s ad while downloading episodes of my Korean dramas. Looks like a cool game that even adults would enjoy. 🙂
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