A Guide for Making Your Home More Like Yourself

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Who wants to be exactly the same as everyone else? Though most people like the idea of being different, this often doesn’t translate into their homes which are often pedestrian and uninspired. You can easily express yourself through your home decor – you just need to know how. Well, in this guide, we are going to be covering this topic in more detail. Hopefully, by the end, you will feel inspired and ready to make your home feel more personal and ‘lived in’.


Choose a Color Scheme

Nobody’s favorite colors are white and beige, and yet people seem happy to cover their homes in these shades! Why not try something a little more bold and vibrant? If you are not ready to decorate your whole home straight away, start in the bedroom and work into the more public spaces over time. Even if you still want to go for plainer background colors, you could always add one or two items in your favorite hues.

Awesome Artwork

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Everyone has different tastes when it comes to artwork, and you can express yourself in any way you like through this medium. If you have a talent for art yourself, you could even make a few of your own pieces. Remember, the framing is also important in interior design as well as the piece itself.


Funky Furniture

There are so many different furniture and interior design stores that there is no need to buy everything from the same place – check out www.therenovationcompany.com.au for advice from the professionals. As well as modern pieces, you could also look to introduce some antique items into your home. Furniture that stands out always provides a great talking point whenever you have guests over.


Tell Your Story

Your home is supposed to tell a story about you, so you should be looking to display meaningful items around the place such as books, heirlooms and accessories. Try to group and display your items together. Putting your entire collection in a single place is a great way to draw attention and really get people to take notice. If you don’t want to do this in a public area like the living room, choose a home office or a bedroom.


Display Things You Would Normally Hide

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There are all kinds of things which people use on a daily basis which are traditionally hidden rather than displayed proudly. For example, you could make a display out of your jewellery or other accessories. Other things that are nice to display include trinkets that you have accumulated on holidays or other trips abroad. You could also integrate some of your hobbies into your home decor such as a bike or pair of ice skates.

Hopefully, this advice will help you to break through uniformity and create a home environment that is different to other more uniform and standard forms of decoration. All it takes is a bit of imagination and some items that mean something to you.

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