Goodbye Carrie Fisher, My Favorite Disney Princess

I never fully understood how people could be so grief stricken when a celebrity dies, we never really knew them as a person. Yet, I was brought to tears when I heard of Carrie Fisher’s passing. It really hit me in my heart guts. I came to see why people could be so sad when a celebrity dies. Princess Leia was not a Disney princess for long, but she instantly took first place when she became one. Leia will be a character I WANT my daughter to look up to, we need more strong female roles with equally strong females playing them.

She will always be known as Princess (General) Leia Organa of Alderaan to most of us. Carrie Fisher was a strong female character on and off screen. The world can weep the loss of our Princess/General and one amazing woman. I think as a actress she gave me that person to look up to, I always wanted to BE Princess Leia… or Chewbacca. I grew up being a tomboy and I disliked damsels in distress, why be in distress when I can do it myself? Off screen she gave GIVES me so much hope.

Growing up my life was not all gumdrops and candy land. As a child I had the misfortune of being surrounded by mental illness and addiction. Of course in my family we just brushed it under the rug and pretended it was not happening. So hearing Carrie Fisher speak out about her struggles with mental illness and addiction, it gave me hope. I never became addicted to anything, but I knew that it was particularly easy seeing my family history. When I was an adult, I realized I also struggle with mental illness. So to see her be so blunt about it all, it was the hope I needed.

Carrie Fisher struggled with addiction in the ’70s and ’80s and then in ’84 she overdosed and they had to pump her stomach. She went into a 30 day rehab and found she also was bipolar. She came back from all of that. Carrie took something dark and turned it into something that she became brutally honest about in a pretty hilarious way, to help others. She gave me the strength to not be ashamed about my mental illness and to embrace all things in my life with humor and class.

I think one thing to remember is, Carrie Fisher was not just Leia or an advocate. Carrie Acted in other movies, TV shows and cartoons. She was an incredibly amazing actress. The best part about it, was as a kid I would see Leia and only Leia. I knew that the person who played her was Carrie Fisher, but all I saw was Leia. In her other roles that I have seen her in, I only saw the characters. She was able to completely embody the character she was playing, her brilliance at her craft does not go unnoticed.

Carrie Fisher will continue to be someone my girls and I will look up to, and she will be incredibly missed.





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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Anne says:

    She played all her roles so well. R.I.P
    Anne recently posted…There Were Selfies and Then Came Moonlight Selfies With Vivo V5My Profile

  2. Avatar adriana says:

    Carrie Fisher played so many amazing roles! I can’t believe she passed away – I heard she was doing better so I was shocked when I heard yesterday. So sad but all of the tributes are so wonderful!

  3. Avatar My Teen Guide says:

    Carrie Fisher is such a good woman I love how she act so well and nice. I can’t believe that she passed away when I heard the news.

  4. Avatar Victoria Heckstall says:

    I can’t believe that she’s gone, I really love her, her act she did all her role so well. She will be missed.

  5. This year has been especially brutal at taking very talented people from this world. Carrie Fisher, and now her mother Debbie Reynolds, were both very talented and amazing women. They will be missed.
    Cindy Ingalls recently posted…#POPSUGARMustHave Box for December!My Profile

  6. It is sad to see her go and now her mom died too, what a tragedy. They would be remembered for sure.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted…Pompeii, Germany, and the Curse of Dar KastleMy Profile

  7. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    She’s a strong woman and a role model to every girl out there. I still can’t believe she’s gone, this news has been nothing but heartbreaking. I hope she was around longer.

  8. Avatar Divya says:

    We just watched the last Star Wars that came out. I can’t believe she left us shortly after it’s debut. And her Mother that followed her to heaven. So sad. This world is missing two wonderful women.
    Divya recently posted…Things I’m Loving Lately #19My Profile

  9. Avatar Robin Rue says:

    This was such a sad thing when I saw that she had left us. She will always and forever be a strong female role.

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