Giving Mom The Luxury She Deserves

We’re not too far away from Mother’s Day, and instead of waiting for the kids to come and treat you, it’s time that we start to treat ourselves. Luxury is a bit of an abstract concept, but we all deserve it at some point during our lives; and we don’t have to necessarily wait for somebody else to indulge us in it! Sometimes it’s better just to take the reins and lead it towards us every once in awhile. Giving ourselves the excuse of doing it for Mother’s Day is just the start…

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Give Yourself A Break

Every mom deserves a break. It doesn’t necessarily have to be away from your kids – bring them with you if you think that you all are entitled to it. Getting away for a few days, or even just a day if that’s all you can afford in terms of time and money (and potentially childcare) can be just the ticket. We’re all human, and sometimes we just need that little bit of time to ourselves to help us really gather our thoughts and collect ourselves for a while. This can be anything from taking a spa day to getting away from the norms of everyday life for a weekend, or even taking a full-blown holiday away to somewhere exotic. Where you go lies with obviously what you feel the most comfortable with, especially if there aren’t children involved. Children can either make or break your time away, even if they’re not there in person. Missing them too much is a thing that can hinder how much you are enjoying yourself, and the worry never stops. Some moms know just how much time away they can spend away from their kids without tormenting themselves with these emotions, so go with what you know.

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Give Yourself A Makeover

This sounds a bit pre-teen, but it can be one of the better things that you can do to boost your confidence. There is a certain element of vanity which we often lose as parents; we have somebody else’s needs to put before our own, and this degree of selfishness often flies out of the window. The makeup gets hidden (not least because toddlers love sticking their fingers in it and smearing it anywhere they can), and only brought out for special occasions. It shouldn’t be this way. Every day should be a chance to embrace what you’ve got available and to make yourself look as fabulous as you feel. Even if you’re not feeling the best that day, it’s a wonder how much makeup can do to get you feeling a bit better about yourself. Sometimes, it’s not even makeup that can do this. A lot of people are shying away from slapping it on every day for the benefit of their skin, and so it could be that a new skincare routine in the morning is the way to go to make you up for the day. Again, it’s not just makeup that you need to be thinking about if it’s a makeover that you are looking for; getting your hair done can be enough to make you look a little different and give your confidence the kick forward that it needs. Going through your wardrobe and getting rid of all of the clothes that you haven’t worn in years, don’t fit or don’t bring you any joy when you wear them is a great way to make room for pieces of clothing that just do it for you and make you feel good about yourself. These are all surface makeovers, but do what you need to do to get you back on track to feeling better about yourself.

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Give Yourself Comfort

There are a lot of ways that you can give yourself comfort, especially in this day and age. It’s a word that people take to mean different things. You can find comfort in another person, in a food and drink, in a book, but in terms of physical comfort, you can often find this in things like California King bed sheets, cozy throws and cushions/pillows that you can just sink into after a long day. There is no harm in purchasing new things to treat yourself and give yourself the luxury that you deserve in this sense. Most people wait until their children are of an age where niceties like this can’t get ruined, but if it’s in your own bedroom then you can set boundaries/shut the door to make it just your own space to enjoy when you’ve got the time to do so.

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Give Yourself Time

The one thing that everybody is clawing after nowadays is time. We are part of an exceptionally productive generation; we just don’t realize it. There are so many things available to us that we could utilize to give us the time we need to take a break, but more often than not we use it to make ourselves even more busy than we were before. It’s like the biggest catch 22 situation; we make the time then take the time to try and make even more time that we’ve never going to take! Instead of going full circle on this, when you have time available, don’t do anything productive in it. It can seem like a wasted opportunity, especially when you don’t get the chance to take this time for yourself often, but it really isn’t. Taking the chance to sit back and relax, and catch up on things that you love to do – whether it’s catching up with a series on Netflix, reading a book or even just taking a nap! – is extremely important to keep a healthy life balance. Being a parent is hard work. You deserve to take a break every once in awhile. Don’t feel guilty for it, either! Ensuring that you are taking care of yourself in order to take the best care of your little people is the best thing that you can do … and with it, everybody’s happy.

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