Give ShaveMOB This Holiday Season

Give ShaveMOB This Holiday Season

Don’t let your friends and family go any longer, without learning about ShaveMOB! I am surprised I went so long in my adult life without knowing. It is a great company that not only saves you a bundle on shaving, but all their shipping material is 100% recyclable. That last part is even more important to me than saving money, and we all know I am pretty frugal. Once ShaveMOB arrived, I could not wait to open it up.


I probably could have staged the image above better, with the shaveMOB shaving cream not upside down. However, this is how I opened the box! everything fit in this tiny box beautifully! Included was a Ladies MOB with a total of 8 razors and a Men’s MOB that also included 8 razors. There are a total of 3 different kinds of razor heads for both Ladies and Men. The fun part of this is, no matter the razor head you pick they all fit on the handle. So no need to purchase different handles if you end up wanting to try a different razor.

Also inside this box is the Men’s Tea Tree Shaving Cream! My husband loves it, the razors with his usual shave gel work amazing and with the Tea Tree Shaving Cream, made his face feel like a babies bottom. I of course wanted to try my hand at it and decided to use some on my legs. I steel his stuff all the time, it is a woman’s duty… perhaps not, but I do it. Regardless, in using the cream my legs felt amazing.

One thing I really want to mention is that they have a US Military Discount! My husband recently separated from the Military and so that has been a big part of our lives for 8 years. I love companies that do things for our Military even now when he is no longer part of the Active Duty ranks. I am proud of our Military and stand behind companies that are also. So that is one thing to consider, is that it is nice to purchase things from companies that do things like that.


I shave every day and my husband, well he shaves when he gets around to it. Usually when his face hurts my face, when he is giving me a kiss. He is not used to being able to shave when he wants, so he abuses his razors a lot more than I do. Even with the abuse he puts them through, they still last quiet a while. A great thing with ShaveMOB is that it is not a monthly box that comes. It is a box that comes when you need it. You just hop online and order another box and all the stuff you want will show up. Instead of getting either not enough razors for the month or you end up with too many laying around.

These are great quality razors that you get on your own terms. The package comes when you want it and is 100% recyclable. I plan on ordering a few different kinds this year and stuffing them in stockings. I think my family & Friends will thank me for turning them on to ShaveMOB. One last thing, you can actually have your family & friends purchase their ShaveMOB through your link and get points! Each point is worth $1 and you can save even more money! It is called Incite the MOB, and will certainly be sending everyone there. Don’t forget to share this new knowledge with everyone. I am telling you, this is an excellent gift that keeps on giving this holiday season!

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