Give the Gift of Final Fantasy XV!

Growing up I played a few Final Fantasy games and I loved them! Square Enix always proved to make supurb games that I truly loved. Getting lost in the fantasy was always easy and the turn based combat was something that I understood well. It has been quiet a while since I have gotten the chance to enjoy a Final Fantasy game and I have to say none are as breathtakingly beautiful as Final Fantasy XV! I was simply blown away by how amazing the graphics were. The movement of the clothes and hair and let us not forget the amazing faces, how realistic in manner.

I can not sing the praises of Final Fantasy XV enough. I find that games can leave an impression on us, ones that bring us fond memories. To non-gamers I imagine that seems weird to think someone can have fond memories about something that did not happen in real life, but it happens. You remember that first battle, the first kiss, the way something broke your heart or brought flutters to your heart. This game had so many “feels” and I had a hard time putting down the controller and remembering I had other responsibilities. It has been such a long time since I have been able to feel that connected to a game. I look forward to playing it on my personal Twitch channel soon. My viewers have been dying to see me play the game.

The trailers I saw before playing, really did not do it justice. The combat was equally amazing and the beauty of battle that was captured in Final Fantasy XV was jaw dropping. I am having a hard time coming up with moving words that can fully describe how phenomenal this game is. The story line was not at all what I expected and in a good way. The monsters you battle are unlike anything I have ever seen.

The music is engaging and perfectly placed in Final Fantasy XV. I love music that actually gets you to feel what is happening in the game. Speaking of feeling, the voice acting is simply amazing. They get you entirely engaged in each character and the game is just teaming with life. The entire cast and crew of this spectacular game have truly outdone themselves. I will be sharing this with my personal Twitch viewers, friends and even family!

There will be several copies of Final Fantasy XV given out this year for Christmas, it is not everyday a game can move my soul. Thank you Square Enix for such a touching game. Final Fantasy XV will make an exceptional stocking stuffer or gift lovingly wrapped under the tree this year. You will give hours of entertainment, wonder and joy this holiday season!

Disclosure: Square Enix provided me with a free copy of Final Fantasy XV that I am featuring in this post. All thought are my own.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Stephanie says:

    I’m sure my husband would enjoy this game. I was never much of a video game player. We did have a Sega system and an Atari. We played a handful of games! I miss those days.
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  2. Avatar DogVills says:

    I know someone who wants this game, my brother will appreciate this for sure. This is really unique gift idea.

  3. Avatar Victoria Heckstall says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this game and it makes me intrigued! I’m pretty sure that this will be so much fun.

  4. The graphics on this game is insane. It’s so lifelike you could almost forget it is just a game.
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  5. Avatar Elizabeth O. says:

    Final Fantasy is so popular with the kids! Even my daughters are going crazy over it. I think it would be a nice gift to anyone who appreciates the game and follows the story.

  6. Avatar Stef says:

    Ive heard so much about this game. Sounds so very interesting. Thanks for all thr information

  7. Avatar Nancy M Horn says:

    Sounds so cool. I think my older son would really enjoy the Final Fantasy Series. I think he would love playing this, the newest game in the series.

  8. Avatar Robin Rue says:

    This game looks like it is definitely a step up from the others. The graphics look amazing.

  9. Only my 9-year old son love to play game here at home. I limit his time on his gadget though because he gets addicted to it sometimes. I am sure he would like this.

  10. Avatar adriana says:

    My brother loves this game! The only way I know what it is, haha! It does seem super fun though.

  11. Avatar Anosa says:

    This would make such a lovely gift for my brother as he is truly into fantasy games
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