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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so don’t say I did not warn you! I do not give gifts JUST to my significant other, I give them to my kids, friends and family. I find it is a nice excuse to spoil everyone I can, even if it is just with something small. I am not getting any younger, and have been trying to stop the signs of aging for the past 7 years. I love giving the gifts of my knowledge and help to others, who are also wishing to fight those signs. While looking up easy ways to stop these signs, I found Back to Beauty. A pillow that will help you stop those wrinkles, just by sleeping.

Oh, you heard me right! I go to sleep with this pillow, and it slows down the aging process on my face. I am a back or side sleeper, and I had no idea that sleeping on the side of my face was helping to create wrinkles! With the Back to Beauty pillow, it cradles your head and helps you comfortably sleep on your back. I have never seen anything like it before, and I was a bit hesitant when trying it. I LOVE sleeping on my side, so I doubted a pillow would be able to keep me on my back.

The very first night I was a little uncomfortable. This was of no fault to the Back to Beauty pillow, I just have always flopped from my back to my side while sleeping. By the second night I was fine, and used to it. I quickly went to sleep and I woke up in the same position as I fell asleep in. It was a spectacular nights sleep. I found that I had a much sounder sleep along with keeping my face as wrinkle free as I could before. I also have a bad neck that I got from being in an accident, and I found it gave me enough support to be able to sleep comfortably. I also loved it came with different pillow cases that fit it perfectly, so you can decide which is most comfortable for you.


The founder of Back to Beauty Helene, has been sleeping on her back for 17 years. She is nearing her 50s, but looks like she is in her early 30s. She wanted to create something to help others sleep as comfortably as her and keep them looking younger! I love that she wanted to share this with the rest of us and hopefully I will continue to look this age, for a long time! My best friend and I are constantly trying to find things that help us look and feel younger, so she will be getting Back to Beauty on Valentine’s Day!

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