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Now that the chaos surrounding Black Friday has been and gone, it can only mean one thing… we’ve past the first hurdle and are now set for the final dash toward Christmas.  Unlike Santa’s apparent omniscience in terms of knowing what everyone wants for Christmas, with his infinite warehouse of gifts, gadgets and gizmos — as a mere mortal you’re more limited in your insight and catalogue.  That’s where the abundance of gift inspiration blogs can help, and in this article we’re going to look at gifts for the geeks in your life!


If they’re a Star Wars fan then there’s a good chance they’ll feel a certain fondness toward the lovable robot, R2D2.  This lunch bag is shaped like the robotic science fiction character that can store sandwiches, drinks, and snacks on the go.  Importantly, the bag is insulated so your lunch will stay cool; it’s also BPA free ensuring safety.


Whilst it might pay to be a little suspicious, or at least curious out the actual origin of this peculiar yet intriguing gift, and depending on one’s emotional attachment to unicorns, it could be great for someone with an off beat sense of humor; or it could cause quite a stir.  Either way, it’s an intriguing gift that will add something to talk about this Christmas.


If your friends are prone to geeking out about military paraphernalia or are in the military themselves, there are air force challenge coins available for a small fee that can be completely customized to your specific requirements.  This is a great gift for anyone that has an attachment to the military and could prove to be a very personal gift, particularly if if were engraved with a family member’s regiment details.


The first thing to point out is that these balls are not actually infectious; but they allow the recipient to bring their favorite diseases to life in the form of a stress ball – they mimic the look of a variety of diseases such as smallpox, cooties, and the bubonic plague.  This gift is, however, reserved for only the most hardcore of science fanatics.


The jar is shaped like the Tardis and even lets out a Tardis sounds upon being opened.  If you have a Doctor Who fan in your life, that also happens to love cookies, this is a great gift.  It measures 11 inches tall, and as an extra treat, you could perhaps bake their favourite cookies so that it comes pre-filled.


This functional gift addresses two issues; firstly, perhaps you’ve noticed their shower curtain is a little rough around the edges and secondly if they are learning chemistry what better way that to wake up, each day, to a full period table of elements in this inventive way.


Yet another functional gift that is ideal for Star Trek fans; cleverly shaped in the traditional hand salutation of Spock, the oven mitt is made of cotton and polyester – protecting their hand from burns whilst handling hot ovenware.


Remember Tetris? This lamp fits together just like the pieces fit together in the game of Tetris; it’s perhaps a blessing that the annoying, yet catchy, tune isn’t present as an alarm clock but you can still make lots of different shapes; recapturing your Nintendo Game-boy days!


Whilst we’re on the topic of Nintendo, do you remember the 8-bit NES?  These 8-bit sunglasses offer a similar visual effect to that technology and are a replica of the glasses worn by Mario, from the Mario Bros.  If you feel life would be easier, living in an 8-bit world, now’s your chance!


Thumb drive USB’s are not the most exciting of gifts; until they are shaped like toast that can then be plugged into a USB Toaster Hub.  Each hub comes with four different USB toasts; butter, rye, crisp and potato.  This make an adorable and eye-catching gift perfect for those into mobile computing.


With modern handsets being worth upwards of $700, yet designed to as slippery as soap, we can all do with protecting our phone against accidental drops.  The “Etch a Sketch iPhone Case” will bring back fond childhood memories, and protect your iPhone, whilst enabling you to doodle until your heart’s content.


If you love Minecraft, it can now be demonstrated to the world by wearing these Minecraft Masks at fancy dress parties; they are made of cardboard and are easy to store as they are collapsible; they feature eye holes and come in two different styles; Steve or Creeper.

So, there we have it.  Akin to the Twelve Days of Christmas, these 12 geeky Christmas present inspirations are designed to satisfy the nerd in your life.  Now, of course, these are all small gift ideas, as most people, no matter how “nerdy” they claim to be, will not be putting a “periodic table shower curtain” or “Minecraft mask” at the top of their Christmas list for Santa.  This list presents some interesting ideas that are designed to be stocking fillers and thoughtful little gifts to let the person know you care about them and have an interest in their passions and hobbies.

Also, remember, some people geek out about Christmas itself, which certainly makes your life a lot easier – on the basis you can simply make a big deal out of the fact it’s Christmas, and they’ll be forever grateful.  In any event, Christmas is much more than gift-giving, it’s about appreciating the people in your life, and one of the best ways to do that is to honor the inner geek we all have inside us; by choosing a little token to express our interest in the recipients interests.

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