Gifts To Get Your Boy As He Grows Older

Boys are never easy to buy for. While girls are often satisfied with anything pink and fluffy, the same can’t be said for boys. In a lot of ways, you could blame the selection available. Many gift companies simply don’t target boys. We can only assume it’s because they’re as stumped about what to suggest as we are!

When your son is young, things are a little easier. A few action figures, or even the latest games console, probably fit the bill. While the games console rule tends to remain, the option of small toys goes out the window when they hit their teens.

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As such, most moms are left feeling more stumped than ever. Worse, your son is at an age where he’ll let you know when he isn’t impressed. The good news is, a lot of teen boys have an idea of what they want already. But, we’re going to look at some options worth considering if he has no ideas for you.

An Electric Razor

It may seem a cliche, but every teenage boy is going to need an electric razor at some point. Worse, he could become a victim of bullying if you don’t provide one. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get him one for his birthday? Make sure you find one which suits his needs by looking at reviews like those found at It might even be worth leaving the final decision to his dad. For the most part, you want an option which is easy to use and targeted for beginners. You could also stock up on shaving essentials, like a brush and shaving cream.

A Musical Instrument

For any teen, music becomes essential to the way they interact with the world around them. It’s no wonder, then, that many teen boys have a desire to learn an instrument. Bear in mind that boys often like heavy music, and drums and electric guitars are top choices. You might want to get some noise canceling headphones while you’re at it. Or, you could skip the instrument, and buy them lessons at school instead. Saves you having to hear the learning process!

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A Smart Suit

This may seem like a dull choice, but every man needs a suit. This is especially important for older boys, who are heading for out job interviews and so on. Again, make sure to do your research before spending money here. A stylish suit needs to fit just right, so take a look at guides like the one found on to make sure you get this right.

An Expensive Watch

Another practical but important gift is an expensive watch. Until now, you’ve probably only entrusted them with cheap options from the toy shop down the road. And, let’s be honest; they’ve broken them in no time at all. But, as your son gets older, he’ll have more need for a watch. As such, it may be time to buy him something a little more upmarket.

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