Gaming And Health – What A Mom Has To Know

If you have your nerdy passions, then seeing your kids inherit the same interests or find ones of their own can feel like a little victory. It’s like passing on a piece of yourself. Gaming is no different. However, a mom always has to think about the health of her family and, as much as you might love it, there are some health concerns worth being aware of when it comes to video games.


Those day long binges aren’t always a great idea

Whether they’re desperately trying to beat that last level in Mario or exploring the world of Hyrule, it’s easy to get wrapped up in long gaming sessions. Sometimes, you might want to allow those. But we have to be concerned with how much time our family is spending on their behind. There’s a real link between a lot of video game use and obesity thanks to people developing sedentary habits at an early age. Another serious risk is the damage done to a kid’s posture and musculoskeletal system as a result of rigidly staying in one place or not having the proper support while they game. Make sure you balance screen time with active time and try to provide supportive chairs that offer a good rest for the back and shoulders.

Keeping an eye on things

We should all be a bit warier of the role that electronics in general play in our eye health. Blue light, as it is known, is a leading cause of eyestrain. Beyond making sure that your family games in a well-lit room, check out these gaming glasses reviews to see tools that can help eliminate the risk that blue light poses. It’s also worth noting that too much blue light at night time can lead to problems sleeping, so set some rules about when the most appropriate times to play are.


Addiction is real

We’re definitely not going to explore the moral panic of parents concerned that tech is the devil and you should keep your kids away from it. It’s a part of everyday life now and can be great for their personal development, not to mention as a stress-relief tool in later life. But you should be the one to introduce them to tech, particularly, gaming, and healthy habits to develop around it. They need a game-life balance much like an adult needs a work-life balance. If they don’t explore other hobbies, interests, and further other skills, it can leave the door open to video game addiction. Anything can be addictive, just as almost anything can be healthy in the right amounts. You have to provide the balance to make sure your family games healthily.

It’s not all bad

It’s worth talking about the real benefits that videogaming has, too. For one, it’s fun. That is the most important part. In a life full of stresses, demands, and responsibilities, finding ways to fight stress, relax, and just be mentally stimulated can be very valuable. But it has benefits beyond that, too. Video games have been shown to have real links when it comes to improving a child’s ability to pay attention to one thing at a time, as well as improving hand-eye coordination, decision making, cognitive function, and even memory. Don’t let the myth that it’s just “a waste of time” sink in.

Gaming can be a fun, healthy, and even beneficial way to spend your time. But it does bring with it a share of potential problems that a mom needs to be ready to proactively tackle. Keep them in mind when your kid starts picking up their first controller.

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