Five Online Games for a Quick 5-mintue Break

If you have a busy life and have to concentrate on your work most of the time, you might be on the lookout for a game that will help you take a step back, have some fun, and stop whenever you need to. For a quick break or clearing your head, you will have to find a game that you can leave every time and come back to for more whenever you feel like. Below you’ll find a few suggestions for your coffee break.

  • Just Dance

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Those who work from home and sit in front of the laptop most of the time, getting off the sofa regularly is a good way of keeping fit and avoiding lower back pain. If you keep your Just Dance game connected throughout the day, you can get a quick boogie every time you want. It will give you energy, get your muscles and joints moving, so you can get back to work with more stamina and motivation.

  • Word Snack

    If you want to challenge your mind in a different way while you are having a break from work, you can also play Word Snack. Available online and on Facebook Game room, you will need to complete a challenge to move to the next level. Each new level is more difficult than the previous one, and – if you get stuck – you will find the answers on popular websites.

  • Candy Crush

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One of the most challenging and addictive games on Facebook, Candy Crush allows you to challenge your friends and earn rewards. While some people sign up for software to give them unlimited life, you should only play until you run out of lives, so you don’t get addicted to the game and can go back to your work. Set a time limit or determine the number of games you want to play before you get started, so you don’t end up spending hours trying to complete one level.

  • Frog Fractions

A fun and interactive game, Frog Fractions lets you become an animal and eat all the flies coming your way. There are more than you would imagine, and it is a great way of taking your mind off work, projects, housework, or kids’ troubles. You might even want to beat your kids’ high score while they are in school, so you can challenge them and keep them busy for a couple of hours at night.

  • Entanglement

This puzzle game is challenging and your success depends on your ability. You are not likely to find the solutions on popular websites such as IWantCheats; you are left on your own to figure out how to escape. The game will help you reduce your stress levels and change your perspective. Whenever you had enough of a client, or are struggling to complete a project, you might want to take a break to play the game and create the longest path across the tiles without getting tied down.

Whether you are looking for stress release, exercise, or entertainment, these games will help you stay focused after taking a step back from work.

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