The Five Best Strategy Games for Teenagers

While most parents are fed up with their teens playing games all day, some of them encourage a few apps and software in order to develop the social and strategic skills of their children. To find out which games you should try and get your teenagers play to help them relax and improve your skill, check out the below list.

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Card Hunter

The Card Hunter is a free online game that allows your child to build their own approach to solving problems. There are a lot of strategic decisions to make, and it can be played with friends. The story-based game allows your child to make clever decisions and take risks without real life consequences. The game is excellent for boys aged 13-17.

Galaxy of Pen and Paper

If your child likes Sci fi and science, this game will be a good choice. They can build their virtual body image, and even their enemies. The game is not too violent, but extremely challenging at times. They will learn how to build their skills up and understand the hard work that goes into becoming a winner. The Galaxy on Pen and Paper improves your child’s imagination, and opens their mind up to new experiences.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

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Teaching your kids about friendship and solidarity is challenging. The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is about two siblings, trying to find a cure for their father’s illness. They face different challenges together, and they can only rely on each other, their brain, and courage. The player will control both of the brothers, and this means your child will improve their empathetic skills while playing.

National Geographic Challenge

Every parent would like their child to be streetwise. The National Geographic Challenge game has different trivia questions related to continents, species, and locations. If your child is interested in geography, natural history, and the development of mankind, this is a fantastic resource and a good way to learn while playing. You can make learning and gaming more fun for kids if you start playing with them and help them succeed with the initial challenges.  It will not only help your child improve their trivia knowledge, but also understand the development of the Earth and civilizations.

Escape Adventure Island

For younger kids, this game is a good introduction to future strategy gaming. If you would like to help your child get the hang of things and find out that learning while playing is fun, you should get them to try their hands at this software early. Check out more reviews at  The story line is simple: after a crash landing on an island, the player needs to find their way out by collecting pieces that are needed to repair the equipment.

Not all gaming is bad for your kids and teenagers. Some games are designed to teach them essential strategic, problem-solving, and decision making skills. Choose your children’s online games carefully, and you will not mind them telling about their screen adventures.

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