Fitness Journey Part 3

Fitness Journey

Things have not been going according to plan. I did not get a run in yesterday, due to my Aunts funeral. That of course trumps everything. I did manage to watch what I was eating, as it went into my mouth. In all seriousness, I did make sure I was not over eating. That is a hard task sometimes.

Today, I also did not workout. I felt awful about it, but I was so busy building some amazing dog kennels today with my step mom. So I was very active and my whole body hurts. I feel like that sorta makes it even.

I do not have shoes to run anymore. The ones I was using, are shot. They are not meant for running and hurt my feet so bad. So I intend on doing some stuff at home that will get me sweating. I have plenty of cardio workouts I can accomplish, until I can get some new running shoes to start going back out to run. I enjoy it so much and do not want to quit. Regardless, this chick is getting some cardio and it will  be awesome.

Lastly for today, I will be doing my weigh in on Wednesday to see if I lost anything. I doubt it, and it is not even fully the reason on why I am doing this. I want to feel healthier and be healthier. I also wouldn’t be upset if I looked better, to myself. I do not care what other people think of me. This is for me.



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