Is Fifa 18 The Best Soccer Game Ever?

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Put your hand up if you remember Fifa International Soccer from way back in 1993. David Platt was on the cover of the game, PlayStation wasn’t even a figment of anyone’s imagination, and Street Fighter II was its rival in the sales stakes. Fast forward to 2018, and you have a sports franchise of unrivaled and epic proportions. Fifa 18 is a soccer game like no other. The experience is fully immersive and provides longevity within its gameplay. This is a game that you can return to time and time again, and still be learning new skills, developing your tactics and enhancing your prowess on the pitch. But is Fifa 18 the best soccer game ever? Read on to find out.


Fifa 18 provides gameplay never experienced before within a sports gaming experience. Its rivals like the ones listed at have tried but not come anywhere close. You can converse with Rio Ferdinand, take part in some pretty stressful negotiations to secure the players you want for your team and immerse yourself in the strategies you need to employ as part of the ‘Manager’ mode. If you love nothing more than getting stuck in and simply playing soccer, then Fifa 18 is ideal. However, the Alex Hunter continuum from 2018 still feels a little bit of a waste of time. Most people want to crack on with playing soccer rather than taking part in a silly little roleplay with an up and coming soccer star. Still, it’s there if you want it.


The staccato movements of the 1990s and 16-bit graphics are long gone. The players are created beautifully with highly personalized features, smooth movements and awesome responses. When you enter the stadium, you feel as though you are actually there, the crowd roaring and the wind making the grass on the pitch gently sway. The players gradually morph from spritely athletes at the beginning of matches to tired, sweaty individuals once the ninety minutes is up.This is real life gameplay at its best. It can be hard to forget that you’re sat in your living room merely playing on a video console.


Fifa 18 really excels in the all-important gameplay stakes. There are genuine skills to learn within the game. You don’t simply have to push the ‘A’ button on your controller to be assured of an on-target goal. You need to learn how to dribble, how to curve the ball and how to pass accurately. Once you’ve mastered these attributes, you’ll be well on your way to securing more wins. If only you could head to and place a bet on your own team to win a real-life championship; you’ll have to make do with understanding the nuances and tactics of the world of video game soccer. The play is fast-paced, intuitive and smooth. It’s hard to see how EA Sports can improve on such flawless gameplay.

Soccer games have been a staple of the sporting arena amongst video games fans for years. With Fifa 18, EA Sports has secured the ultimate package and market leading immersive experience that will be hard for any competitor to beat.


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