Farming Simulator 2013 Review


Farming Simulator 2013

I have a deep love for simulation games. When I was checking out Farming Simulator 2013, I was excited to see what it was like. This was the first simulator I did in first person and I really enjoyed it. It is published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Giants Software.

I did my review on the PC for Farming Simulator 2013, and the graphics were spectacular. I had so much fun and all of the views in game were breath taking! I am a real sucker when it comes to good graphics and scenery. This game did not let me down!

Farming Simulator 2013

When the game starts up you get to choose what difficulty you want it set on. This is basically just to tell you how much money you have when you start, with hard you obviously start with very little money. When you start moving around your farm you get pop up tutorials telling you all about how to do everything. I was just excited to learn about crops and I got right in a tractor and started tending away. I think my favorite was the livestock though, realistic chickens!

This game makes a great business simulator as well, because how well you do your job as a farmer will depend on how much money you make. With more money you can buy more land and further your business of farming and your monetary gain. It caused me to think a lot and work out the best plan to build my farming empire.

Farming Simulator 2013

I was really worried I would be horrible with my crops, and honestly as long as you pay attention they do really well. I get sidetracked easily in a game like this with so much to do, but I didn’t kill my crops once. I was pretty proud of myself. So for those of you who get side tracked as easily as I do, no problems here!

You can also play in multi-player mode with up to 9 other people. You can invite people you know and join up with random people as well. The great thing about this too is if you do find yourself with someone who is rude and unhelpful the host can easily boot them and reset the farm machinery. The forums are also especially helpful so be sure to check those out.

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