Fantastically Frugal: Easy Ways to Save Cash at Home

Home might be where the heart is, but it can also be where your paycheck goes to die! Running a home can be expensive, and even more so if you’re not careful about where your money is being spent. If you’re fed up of sky high bills or perhaps are left with too much month at the end of your money more often than you’d like here’s how you can slash costs.

Use Price Comparison Sites For Utilities

When was the last time you checked your energy tariff, phone or cable plan or any other of your main bills? Chances are when the bill comes in you just pay them, maybe they’re taken by direct debit each month so it’s not something you even consider. But by being loyal to your utility companies you could be costing yourself money. Run some quotes through price comparison sites and make switches where necessary. It might take you a couple of hours one afternoon but it’s time well spent, and could save you money for the rest of the year. Rather cash in your pockets that those of big companies!

Use Less

Once you’re getting the best price for your bills, it makes sense to use less. Instead of having the heating up all day, set it to a timer.  Turn lights and appliances off after use. If you’re constantly going over your broadband allowance or phone data plan, either look into upgrading to save yourself money or be sure to limit your usage. That way you’re not paying over the odds for your bills and stay in budget. If you’re still not using or sticking to a budget, it’s so worth getting this in order, there’s lots of apps and software out there these days to make this easy for yourself. Look at this ynab review for example, lots of people find that just a bit of planning can improve their financial lives no end.

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Shop Smart For Groceries

One of the places most households overspend in a big way is with food. We go to the grocery store with no list and are sucked in by offers. By mid week, we need to go back where we’ve not properly planned any meals, and again are back in the store overspending. We’re loyal to big brands, and waste too much food too. On top of this, there are things like takeaways, lunches, drinks and coffees bought through the week and much more. Be aware of your spending, create a meal plan and stick with it. Try cheaper brands, and stock up your pantry. When you have plenty of dried food, tins and jars you can always whip up a tasty meal even when you’re out of fresh ingredients.

Just a little planning and effort can go a long way in saving you money. If you know you’re overspending or wasting money, do what you can to get everything in order. This is money that could be put to a much better use elsewhere!

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